10 Social Media Marketing Trends of 2018

The world of social media is forever changing. It’s changing this very moment, as you’re reading this post. Trends come and go by so fast, that sometimes, some of us don’t even notice. This is a huge challenge for the social media marketers and they have to keep themselves updated on all the trends. In 2017 alone, the social media saw immense changes and revolutions.

So, without further ado, here are 10 biggest social media marketing trends of 2017, so far:

1.     The death of Twitter as we know it so far

Is twitter harmful

For some time now, we have become accustomed to advertising of all kinds in our usual social networks. This content will continue to grow substantially in 2017, as companies have realized the commitment that the public has with their social networks, much more than any type of online shopping application. However, Twitter, due to the ephemeral nature of its content, which is its main feature, will not achieve the necessary interest for advertisers, who will seek new niche sales in other networks.

2.     Instagram will continue to grow

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The growth of Instagram is a fact. In 2016, Instagram Stories and Instagram Shopping caused brands to increase spending on advertising in this social network. Although Facebook will continue to be the social platform par excellence, and none of the following has managed to reach its level. Instagram is leading the way in advertising investment.

Since it was born, Instagram is probably one of the networks that have actually been renewed. They understood what the customer is looking for and has given it at all times. In turn, it has recognized the growing need for social selling and has been updated, allowing companies to use this platform as an online storefront for users. In short, all these components point to that 2017 will be “the year of Instagram”.

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3.     Increase in interactive content

Blogging Improves Writing Skills

Companies will leverage interactive content in which customers must make decisions about the outcome. The idea is that the user is not simply a spectator of reality but can actively intervene in it, making their decisions fundamental when it comes to informing or selling.

Companies have realized that the important thing about advertising campaigns is not the customer’s memory, but the fact that they share the content and interact with it. This way you can compare the results within your circle, making the campaign expand more quickly.

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4.     Virtual Reality Grows

Virtual Reality Future Developments

The likelihood that social networks are filled with this type of content is increasing. Facebook will boost the creation of content based on virtual reality in its platform thanks to the Oculus Rift, one of the best inventions in this field. For its part, Google will be renewed as we are accustomed to see. However, Twitter, as mentioned in the beginning, will have to renew itself in this area or will end up being another of the many social networks that have ended up in oblivion.

5.     LinkedIn renews itself

Grow LinkedIn Influence

Microsoft’s professional network will also have to be renewed in 2017, especially in the advertising field. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram have proven to be better than LinkedIn in the B2B field, so the transformation of the ads in this social network will have to be produced so that LinkedIn does not start to register losses instead of profits.

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6.     The 360 ​​° video is here to stay

This type of content has slowly flooded our social networks. Network users increasingly create 360-degree videos with their cameras and then publish them on the Internet, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in an engaging experience that recreates situations and places they do not yet know.

2017 will be the year in which all types of companies, such as hotels, shops or restaurants penetrate this type of content, providing a greater customer experience.

7.     The social sale will reach the B2B

competitors marketing strategy

As we said above, large companies and SMEs have realized the importance of social channels to sell their products. Each and every one of the networks has the characteristics that companies value when using them for their own purposes.

This year will be the year of social sale, that is, of commerce through social networks, so that B2B will stop being just a transaction between corporations to join also to the social sphere.

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8.     Telling stories through videos is becoming more popular

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The way people tell stories on social networks has changed. Short videos predominate on the most important Internet platforms, one way or another.

Snapchat strives every day to renew its filters or its interface so that users can tell stories in their different profiles. For its part, Instagram has created the Instagram Stories that has characteristics similar to Snapchat and also allows to do the same.

However, users are increasingly demand that these videos have a longer duration. Therefore, other applications that are currently almost nonexistent at the moment, but are dedicated exclusively to meet this demand, will have their peak by the end of 2017.

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9.     The Importance of Privacy Grows

Internet is already a commonplace in our lives and the control over the privacy of our profiles has already achieved important development that did not exist before. Users hide their profiles from strangers, so they also close the door to all brands that cannot connect with them.

What will be the future in this area? Perhaps the responsibility falls on the influencers, who will be in charge of transmitting the publicity to all those users to whom the marks do not arrive. The second option is to increase mobile marketing, reaching customers through messaging.

10.   Blog consolidates as a social medium

Writing an Impactful Blog Post

The main purpose of writing blog is sharing knowledge. If you follow the proper blogging tips you can stand out.

Being informed through social networks is already common in all of us. However, 140 characters already fall short to understand a news story. We also reject the false news that we find day by day on Facebook.

For this reason, blogs will gradually become less important in this area. They will become platforms that will self-feed each other, accumulating organic content on different topics, which will turn them into networks with a lot of informative value. Each field will be covered by professionals of the sector in question, who will share ideas and knowledge, deepening in this way the specialization of the different subjects.




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