How to make best performing Facebook Ads | 5 Tips for Best Targeting

In the recent past years, Facebook has become the most prominent medium for marketing. That is why the brands and the businesses are using Facebook as the front-line marketing medium. In this article, I am sharing my research for best performing Facebook ads.

But, this medium is not as old as the other marketing mediums. That is why very few people know the right use of the Facebook marketing. And they are unable to use it to its maximum potential.

Every year, thousands of people around the world choose digital marketing as the year, thousands. The use of social media is already listed in top 5 technologies to grow your business.

If you are running the online business you should not dare to ignore social marketing. There are so many benefits that help you to grow your business.

And for this, they need to learn the social media marketing mainly the Facebook marketing because it is the major one.

digital marketing strategy using social media

That is why it is important to gather more tips and hacks about Facebook marketing for them. With these tips, they can serve their clients with more efficiency.

5 Best performing Facebook ads tips for Optimize your Facebook Ad

So, as a professional digital marketer and blogger, I am writing this article. I am going to tell you about those 5 tips which can help you in optimizing your Facebook ad targeting better.

  1. Narrow down your lookalike audiences:

Using the lookalike audience is one of those practices in the Facebook marketing that can create a negative impact on your CTR (Click-through rate). This lookalike audience doesn’t add anything to your audience except the number of people who you can never be sure are your targeted market or not.

But this lookalike audience gives you an area for playing. It is like a set of people and filters them according to your product.

You have to narrow down that lookalike audience by adding the interest and other targeting options which can connect you with the right customers.

For example, your product has an extension for the people of older age group. In this case, you have to use the age group targeting option of the Facebook ad manager to target the elder people with the same interest and behavior as the previous one.

  1. Play with the age range:

Do you and your grandfather share the same interest?

But maybe your friend’s grandfather does have the same likes and dislikes as you. The point that I am trying to make here is that by playing with the age range, your cost per conversion can reduce.

The point that I am trying to make here is that by playing with the age range, your cost per conversion can reduce.

It is the great practice of creating a bigger target audience window, but still reducing through other filters.

Start playing with the age window of 10 years. Then try out the 20 years and then 30. Create three audiences with the only difference of age.

Keep this thing in mind that the digital marketing is all about experimenting with all the available resources. If you will stick to one plan, you can never get the extraordinary results that other people may get just by doing slightly different things than you.

Selecting proper age as per your promotion brand is one of the best performing Facebook ads option, you should not ignore.

  1. Exclude your customers:

Do not jump on the edge of your seat after reading this. There is a complete logic behind it and this method has gotten me great success.

I am not telling you to exclude your target audience or the consumers. Only exclude those customers who are loyal to you and already getting you the business.

You know that the people of this demographic or audience with the specific interest are your regular customers and your product is satisfying them.

Now, instead of wasting your dollars on these people, it is better to invest in those who are still not aware or used your product.

Through this, you will be able to target new consumers more aggressively. And you can convert them into your customers which will increase your product’s customers and your worth in the digital marketing industry.

Pro Tips: If you are a blogger and promoting the blog on Facebook, make sure you write the best article or at least better than the competitor. The audience should enjoy it reading.

  1. Retargeting:

This is a panic button but works best.

competitors marketing strategy

If you feel that your campaign is not getting as much conversion as it should be, now this is the time to look into the past.

You now have to get your old customers back who either switch to any other products or stopped using the product that you market.

By retargeting them, not only you will not be able to increase the traffic of your website, you will also start getting some business again from those people who have done it before for you.

You can start it by retargeting the users who visited your blog during the past two weeks or a month. You can also extend it to a couple of months based on how desperate you are.

You can also create a segment of the people who has not only visited your website but also spend some sessions and surf different pages too.

These are the people who can turn into your customers because they have shown some interest in your service or product by checking out different pages of your website.

  1. Create different Ad sets for the Mobile and Desktop users:

This is something which very few social media marketers do.

This is the extreme form of narrowing down your audience because understanding the minor differences between the mobile and desktop users are not everyone’s cup of tea.

But by creating different ad sets and campaigns for the mobile and desktop users can help you a lot in your cost per conversion.

With this, you will be able to create different content for both the devices users according to their interest and their mindsets which are not a lot different.

Some more Marketing Tips for Your Bussiness:

These are all the best performing Facebook ads tips I follow, personally. I am sure there might be many such tips. Everyone has set of targeting tips that work for them. Let me know your strategy for facebook ad marketing in the comment section.

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