6 Simple Way to Increase Engagement on Instagram to Boost Business

Like everyone, you want to get more visibility and engagement. I also know you are more curious to know; what and when to post on Instagram to Boost Your Business.

In this post, I am going to preach all the tactics to answer your question, “how to increase engagement on Instagram”. This will help you to grow as personal as well as the business brand.

Instagram is a toy for addicted. Most of the profile holders are checking a feed at least twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. After new posts, the checking procedure is becoming more regular. We are doing it unconsciously while waiting in a supermarket, in public transport, in a cafe, during a meal, to prevent boredom every free minute. Our unconsciousness is a perfect catch for marketers.

This is a perfect platform which keeps the attention of the audience at a relatively deep level and is not overloaded with elements of the interface. It is a perfect option for promotion.

How to Increase Engagement on Instagram to Boost Bussiness or a Personal Brand?

Increase Engagement on Instagram to Boost Business

Registered users are mostly visuals, who can appreciate the beauty of a nicely done photograph or short video. The good thing about Instagram, Right?

The owners of new restaurants, shops, florists, beauty salons, spa areas, and other entertaining or service providing places are to have an excellent Instagram profile and responsible person for its promotion.

I would say, this is a number one marketing necessity. Each type of business with a visible result or beautiful places to create beautiful photos must treat the platform as one of the most important promotional elements.

Each type of business with a visible result or beautiful places to create beautiful photos must treat the platform as one of the most important promotional elements.

Then, why don’t you make best out of it? Here you go…

1. Hashtag Culture

The hashtag is an instrument that explains how to use Instagram for business.

This is a metadata tag which helps your post to be found. This can be not only a way to describe a post but also a way to turn it into a popular promotion.

For example, #beahero. The popular hashtag is used by millions of people every day which makes a single-hashtag promotional campaign extremely successful.

When people want to see GoPro pictures they know exactly what to look for and how. This campaign can be implemented for every big and small business to increase Engagement on Instagram.

2. Promote your Identity

Brand identity is a whole procedure which includes internal branding and positioning the product or service on the playfield.

The Instagram for business tips includes the creation of a word or phrase, which represents your identity and make your profile not only unique but also recognizable due to this phrase.

The hardest part is to think of this phrase or word.

For example, the online writing service edubirdie.ca can use #edubirdie for identity and #birdie for boost. Main and supporting hashtags is a winning combination.

People are going crazy making their identity and earning ransom amount of money from the Instagram.

Money Making Instagram Tricks

Why don’t you give it a TRY?

3. Create a Photo Location

Are you holding a coffee shop or a restaurant or anything that needs user attention?

Your way to successful online promotion passes through a photo zone, where all the visitors are able to make a photo and post it.

This is a way of allowing your clients work for you.

Each photo with a special hashtag on its description enlarges your chances to attract more clients.

For example, Starbucks and their marketing behind Starbucks Big Business. Starbucks was started by Two Teacher and a Writer. Despite their early profession, they have astonished everyone in business. More and more people visiting Starbucks click photos and posts them on different social platform Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram… Their success is all about being social and proven Marketing Strategy.

Starbucks Promotion Plan

This is a digital era of a buzz marketing. Make your customers do selfies in a mirror, create a special light and creative background. More options and more photos, increase Engagement on Instagram.

Hire a decorator or a florist to create a beautiful and professional photo-promotional location.

4. Make Sure Your Address can be Accessed Fast

Check if the location of your place written correctly by the Instagram so that users can easily check it from the drop-down list while posting.

With a single location tag, everyone can find out what is going on it a certain place now and usually, who is hanging out there right now and is there something interesting.

This encourages peoples’ engagement. Make them post pictures of food, flowers, haircut with a location hashtag, make it look like a masterpiece. Make them want to buy this food, flowers or order a haircut.

5. Post Stories

do blog marketing

Promotion by users is simple when it is functioning as expected. For more promotion make your own stories and post them. Do it both professional and amatory.

Using Instagram for business includes promo videos, which can represent how outstanding a particular type of services, are.

For example, active sport or travel agencies have all the possibilities to post not only promotional but also motivation videos and get higher visibility online.

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6. Run Promotions

Business development strategies

There are some types of business, which function without any website. It’s damn True!

All they have is a private upgraded insta profile. With a boost tricks, each provides can become a main source of new clients. Running various promotions is a good idea for gaining numerous re-posts and markings.

Free drink or dinner promo may bring you up to 100 new clients.

Are you still struggling for running promotion and advertisement? Give a read.

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Now the ball is in your court…

Here are more proven tips for Instagram Users you must try for your business.

Follow these tactics to increase engagement on Instagram. Let me know your story in a comment, how does the Instagram help you t get more followers.

Do share this post with your friends, influencer or entrepreneur friend. It is like being an influencer and motivating others. Let’s make your story inspire other.

Editor’s Note: This article is shared by Helen Birk and edited by Aniruddha Chaudhari.

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