5 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers [Common Mistakes to Avoid]

What are the mistakes every new blogger should avoid?

Earlier, blogging was once considered something more of a hobby. Today, it has developed into a serious business for many people.

What can you achieve if you follow proper blogging tips for new bloggers?

Some bloggers find their dream job from blogging. Through advertising and affiliate marketing programs, bloggers can make enough money to fund other interests, quit their day jobs, or, in select cases, retire comfortably in just a few years.

If you have a proper blogging strategy, you can even turn your blogging hobby into the Job.

But… there is an even downside…

It’s an exciting prospect, but, if you’re doing it wrong, it can leave you thinking about it, while you’re lying in bed at night, wide awake and frustrated.

Trust me… waking up in the middle of the night frustrated is horrible and I don’t want to see you there…

5 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

Here are 5 of the Most Common Blogging Mistakes…

These mistakes might be keeping you away from reaching your true potential.

  1. Are You Being Too Random?

blogging competitors marketing strategy

Variety and spontaneity are great things, when it comes to brainstorming for ideas in respect to how, when, and where you come up with new ideas. That said, your actual posts should not be random.

Every post should be tied to the products or services your business offers, even in a minimalist way.

Connect with users and potential customers by exploring the issues facing your specific competitor marketing industry.

You can also explore the solution of your competitor marketing industry on the same issue. Try to offer a new angle or two in solving those issues.

  1. Opt For A Less Formal Style Of Writing

blogging tips for new bloggers to improve Writing Skills

Although most bloggers fall into this trap. It may be more true of younger bloggers, who have close associations to term papers, research projects, and book reviews for class.

In those instances, it’s preferred for the writer to maintain a degree of professionalism and detachment. But, in blogging, the primary goal is to keep the reader interested.

This means developing a less formal and more entertaining style.

If you are new to blogging, Marry Brains shared tips on how blogging helped her to become one of the most skilled writers in the industry.

  1. Your Readers Are Not Your Friends

bring Target Audience with blogging

While it is important to loosen up on your writing style, it’s equally important to remember that you’re presenting yourself as an authority.

When bloggers get too friendly with their readers, they tend to make assumptions that may detach potential customers or followers.

They come to your blog to read and learn, so that’s what you should focus on delivering. This is one of the very important blogging tips I would like to give it to new bloggers.

  1. Don’t Just Dump Your Thoughts Onto The Screen

Create A Common Enemy to hook readers

You have a tight, specific idea for a blog post.


Pour it out as it comes, right?


The best blog posts are well-organized pieces of writing that have been outlined, written, and rewritten.

Just like any form of writing, care should be taken in producing it for public consumption.

An outline will help you organize your thoughts into a well-organized article. It may bring up points your hasty mind dump might have overlooked.

The edit and rewrite are just as helpful.

Some bloggers might roll their eyes at this bit of advice but just look at sponsored posts on Facebook for proof.

Typos and grammatical errors draw out the internet trolls like nothing else. Public floggings are to be avoided at all costs.

If you have proper internal blogging strategies,  it is easy to keep your readers connected with your blog.

  1. Don’t Overlook The Stats

Educator Blogs for Students for self improvement

Readers want facts over fluff, so generalizations should be left to the introduction and conclusion paragraphs of the post.

The meat of the article should deliver hard facts, backed up by sources and firm statistics.

Use numbers from reputable sources to prove why your readers are facing a specific problem or why your product or service is their best solution.

Bonus Sidenote: Plagiarism is as unacceptable online as it was in school and readers are educated well enough to recognize the tell-tale signs. Copied material loses its organic feel in relation to the body of the text. Re-read it for yourself and observe the difference in tone and style.

Use a tool to test the plagiarism before publishing the content. For more detail, read complete plagiarism guide.

Additionally, Google has algorithms designed to spot copied text and, once your blog has been flagged for plagiarism, it may take a very long time to earn Google’s trust again.

As Google SEO practices tend to rule the internet, this means your blog posts may rank very low, if at all, in search results.

Think of it as making an enemy of the most popular kid in school.

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Wrapping Up…

Avoiding these common mistakes will help new bloggers and frustrated writers get a new edge in their writing. It also tackles the ever-growing slush pile of the internet.

There are lots of distracting rumors in the blogging industry. Don’t get fooled with it.

These are all most important blogging tips for new bloggers. Steady and quality blog posts will establish you and your company as an authority in the online community of our new digital world.

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