How to Make Money with Blog as Turning Your Blogging Hobby into Job?

Having a blog is often considered to be a fun thing to do. You get to brag about things you know how to do and have an excuse to try out new things to tell others about it.

But very few people actually manage to turn blogging into a money-making tool and contemplate on how to make money with a blog.

How to Make Money with Blog

Today I’d like to share some easy tips on the first steps of turning your blog into a job. So how to make your website actually work for you just as hard as you work for it?

How to Make Money with Blog & Turn It into Job?

Master Google Analytics:

If you want to start getting money from your visitors (whether directly or indirectly), you need to know who they are, where they come from, what pages they visit and why they leave. All this information can be gathered from a Google Analytics tool if you know how to use it right.

Many people will simply get to know how many people visit their website daily and monthly. But take the time to learn an advanced Google Analytics course. This will open your eyes to many loopholes and increase your blog popularity by about 20%.

Identify your target audience

There are two basic ways to consider how to make money with a blog. People pay for the content they find there and have others pay for the possibility to reach out to your readers through advertising, mailing lists, product placements and etc.

Normally people start with a latter and then move on to the first.

Even though many say that once you start getting money for advertising, there’s no going back to charging your readers for the content.

I disagree, but regardless of the road you take, you have to know your readers very well. And I’m not only talking about their geographical position and age.

Do a survey, organize live chatrooms or encourage people to comment or message you on social media: do whatever it takes to get a very good idea of what makes your reader “yours”.

Deliver good quality content

Content is the King!

It is always better to aim for the niches that are less competitive and have more room to grow. Identify one of the rare topics and become a pro at it.

It doesn’t have to be something completely new to you. You can just narrow your own area to make it very specific.

And when you actually post, always aim for pictures and short posts that are easy to share and quick to read. You can read proven tricks for content marketing.

Other Inside Tactics to Get More Traffic

Invest in SEO

Learn to make your blog more visible and effective.

Don’t hesitate to get professional advice on integrating more tools (social networks and etc) into your blog.

User-friendly websites are always loved and praised by readers, so make sure you have your bases covered there.

Do guest blogging

Even sometimes it seems like wasting your time or giving away content for free. But this is a very valuable practice for many reasons:

  • You get a new audience.
  • You get fresh feedback from people who aren’t already known to you.
  • You network with other bloggers and learn from them.

If you look at our website, more than 50 Guest bloggers have registered and contributed to PCSkull. And they know the worth of writing and doing guest blogging.

Accept a reasonable amount of advertising

The first trap that is easy to fall into as soon as you start getting money coming in, is taking too much advertising.

You have to make sure your transition from a completely free resource to a paid one is as smooth and unnoticeable to your customers as possible.

It’s a good idea to put a friendly note explaining your changes and how they are important to you and how it will make your readers’ experience with you better.

Wrapping Up…

I am not suggesting that you should quit going to work and rely on your blog to pay the bills. What I am saying that it is much easier than you think to get a payback from the time and effort you spend on your blog.

Don’t hesitate to share some of the things that were most effective for you on the journey of, how to make money with blog to pay off. Write in a comment and let us know.

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