[9 Ways] How to Promote Website on Twitter to Increase Traffic?

As we all know, twitter is one of the most popular social networks.

Due to its convenience, you can exchange short messages (140 characters) and share interesting links, as well as for free use.

Twitter quickly found its fans, among which there are ordinary people, politicians, and stars, as well as webmasters and moneymakers.

Writing an Impactful Blog Post

Among social services, Twitter is continually growing and increasing the audience of active users.

Twitter’s main benefits are speed, brevity, and responsiveness. You can write a proposal and report on how things are going, or you can report on company news, force majeure, or new promotions.

Twitter has a specific advanced audience that can offer services, products, goods, and more.

In this article, we are more interested driving traffic from twitter to your website or a blog. I will share different techniques to promote website on Twitter to increase traffic.

Prompt attention to a matter is essential about Twitter!

If you use twitter for sales, you need to respond very quickly to tweets and maintain communication with the audience. You can be both active and passive in it.

Twitter is a global social network that allows you to create microblogs in which you can write short notes up to 140 characters. The bottom line is to create such a microblog, get yourself more followers, then post links there and watch how new visitors come to your site from Twitter.

The role of Twitter in Promoting a Website

I have seen some blogs, which is a little more than a week old, it was indexed two days ago, but traffic has already grown to 20-30 unique visitors a day.

All traffic comes from Twitter, even though currently, there are only 143 followers there.

And what will happen when the number of followers increases to 500-1000? I think 200 people a day will come, and this is from just a twitter.

There are so many ways to drive traffic to your website. Twitter is one of those.

I will explain in detail how to create such a microblog, how to use it, and how to quickly recruit followers.

How to register on Twitter?

So, we proceed to registration on twitter. Click on the light green button, “Sign up now.”

Enter your data and click on “Create my account,” then you get into the people search menu, we skip this stage and click on the “Next step” button three times.

The whole process of registering a microblog has passed. Now you can set up your account, choose a different design, and so on the little things.

How to find Followers for Your Blog?

So, we begin to look for followers; there are several options:

  1. You become a follower of another microblog with hoping that he will follow you back.
  2. You advertise your microblog on your site. This one is good when you have a lot of search traffic.

So, the second option does not suit us; therefore, we will engage in the search for followers.

In the upper right corner, there are such parameters as Following, Followers, Listed.

To the left of the picture, if you click on it, you will become a follower of this microblog.

What to do Next?

Try to add as many microblogs as possible in a week; delete those who do not follow you in response. In general, with the methodology of promoting your microblog, we figured out how we will proceed to post links to your sites.

Yes, I completely forgot to add that Google and Yahoo correctly index twitter, and the “Noindex” tag does not close the links from your microblog, so the microblog on Twitter also gives you PR and gives you a free link mass.

After at least 100 people follow you, you will be able to make sure that quite a lot of visitors come to the site via Twitter (by the way, the primary audience comes).

Well, let us move on to posting links to your site. We go into your account, go to the main page there; we see such a form called “What happening?”. Enter the link and the description to it.

[9 ways] Promote Website on Twitter to Increase Traffic

bring Target Audience with blogging

  1. Active promotion – how to correctly recruit active readers for your microblog.
  2. Proactive communication – how to behave on Twitter, how and what to write about.
  3. Quality content – the rules for the formation of useful and exciting messages. How to embed links in your posts and how to increase the number of retweets. Visual content drives more traffic; focus on it.
  4. Publication on time – how to catch the right moment for publication and develop your perfect schedule for publications.
  5. Open lists – why you need to create and maintain lists. How to use lists to increase the benefits of your microblogging.
  6. The connection of the blog with twitter – SMO (Social Media Optimization) or how to optimize your website or blog to work effectively with social networks.
  7. Attracting specialists for faster and better promotion of your microblog – how to properly order advertising from third-party performers.
  8. Automatic greeting to increase the loyalty of each new follower and the acquisition of additional traffic.
  9. Be friendly – the secrets of creating a positive image for yourself and your twitter account. Keep your audience engage

Advantages of Website Promotion on Twitter

  • Site promotion on Twitter will provide coverage of a vast number of potential customers and business partners. One of the most global sites of the worldwide network offers all the conditions for this. Effective marketing campaigns will not require high financial costs.
  • Real-time information dissemination. Small, concise messages quickly diverge on Twitter. On this site, you can get current information on the interests of the target audience and the critical features of the development of a particular business area. Twitter allows you to carefully and continuously monitor the activities of competitors and timely improve marketing policies or marketed consumer goods.
  • Productive communication with the target audience. In the process of website promotion with the help of “Twitter,” you can get an impressive amount of useful contacts. Thanks to reposts of users with a large number of subscribers, site traffic will increase, and brand awareness will increase.
  • Online feedback. On Twitter, you can quickly track the nature of user comments about the brand, timely neutralization of the negative will help promote the site on Twitter. The company’s reputation will only improve.

You have come so far reading this article. I’m sure you are more interested in increasing your website traffic. Here is another article you should read- How to Drive Traffic from Facebook to Your Website?

In Conclusion…

Your followers will see this post, and some of them will follow the link. To increase conversions to your site, try to write an exciting and attractive description for the link.

This is how you can promote website on Twitter to increase traffic.

Well, that is all you have learned to use the Twitter service to increase attendance for free and get a free link mass.

Twitter can be used both for business and for the development of personal branding, as well as for effective communication, so do not forget about such a tool to attract potential customers and target audience.

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