5 Common Blogging Myths | Sure, You will Scratch Your Head

What are the other Common Blogging Myths about blogging and content marketing?

Blogging ah, my favorite thing, let’s talk about it.

Can blogging make you money?

Well with the inclusion of AdSense you probably can. But what about the content you are publishing to drive the traffic to your blog?

You probably didn’t think of that. Don’t worry before you get all serious let us ward off some common blogging myths that are associated with blogging exercise.

Common Blogging Myths

Common Blogging Myths While Making Contents

1. Content Is King

Yes, the question I asked in the introduction is a myth, how?

Well, you can put it all in by drafting a genuinely original and creative content. You might improve your writing skill with blogging every day. But what if it is not read.

You might say, oh I’ll share on different social media forum and it’d go viral.

Wrong, why?

Because do people read? Mere words have no importance unless reading by people. You must keep the target audience in your mind.

If the post is about software development, how many friends of your Facebook are interested in software development? Sharing will bring no value.

Hence, ‘Content is King’ is a widely spread myth.

2. Neglect SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is reigning supreme in online marketing today. The number of visitors that visit your page doesn’t determine success instead, the quality of traffic that gets redirected to your content does.

Any number of people can across your blog through social media but it may be that the actual readers of the content may find you through search engines.

If your page is showing up in Google search results then that means your online presence is making waves over the internet. This can lead to your success on social media as well.

More traffic means more readability chances, subsequently, more sharing of your content. Hence, be the SEO specialist and seek to optimize your page rankings.

Common Blogging Myths while Gaining Trust of your Reader

Before heading to some more biggest blogging myths, let me tell you about gaining the trust of your reader, why is so important for a blogger?

Aniruddha, founder of CSEStack.org makes close relation with his readers.

Common Blogging Myths Trust of your Reader

This is a small gesture from a reader, but it says more about the reader’s trust and his commitment towards them.

If you are a programming geek, you can join his programming community.

3. Social Media Is Useless

From the above point, you may be thinking that social media on its own is worthless then?

No, because there is no hard fast rule to bring in traffic.

For some SEO might do the trick but that does not mean and I do not imply that social media can be ruled out in its entirety, okay?

Social media cannot alone bear fruits until you learn to use the tools in redirecting traffic your way. Twitter, Facebook, etc. are known to be famous for garnering the much-needed fan base for bloggers. There are multiple ways of driving traffic from your Facebook account.

The idea is to turn that fan base into avid readers of your content.

You know where I’m going with this yes that one size doesn’t fit all. So, don’t just rely on search engines but utilize social media platforms to your advantage as well, some more than others.

There are many social media advantages. Use it effectively.

4. Not Responding To Comments

Not responding to comments is straight away disrespecting your readers, you might have heard.

No sir, as if creating quality content is not burden enough that you make it mandatory to reply to every single comment on your blog. Although, you can filter some comments and as per convenience respond.

So if they truly like what you have to offer to them, they will stick with and not feel that you are ignoring or disrespecting them.

Fans of your content realize you put in your 100% to churn out quality and are busy with other pursuits in life too.

And lastly,

Money Blogging Myths

5. More Traffic, More Money

Partially true in the sense that if you are an expert in your niche and your blog has 100 subscribers, say, your chances of materializing them into a monetary gain of $1000 are high.

Keep driving traffic to your website.

But if you are an average blogger and yet entail a high number of following, it cannot be converted to your monetary advantage.

Rapport is what I’m referring to here.

Any Tom, Dick or Harry can be a blogger these days. With a little flair for words, funny catchphrases, puns, animations, and so on you can gain visitors/traffic.

But is he an authority in his domain? Yes or no answer will determine the outcome in this case with regard to money.

If you become an influencer and covering interesting topics in your blog, making money from a blog is not a big deal.

So, there you go! Some common blogging myths clarified!

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