How to become SEO Specialist? Most Useful Tips by SEO expert

How to become an SEO specialist? It is a relevant question. The ability to attract targeted visitors to sites in order to increase profits will always be in demand.

Writing an Impactful Blog Post

As in any field, you need to start with the basics. In the case of SEO, the basics are the concept that the specialists operate on: update, reference mass, donor, acceptor, etc.

This is what SEO specialist has to be able to distinguish between a donor and an acceptor.

Naturally, a prerequisite for answering the question of how to set up SEO optimization will be the study of all the recommendations of search engines that are written for webmasters. Knowing these recommendations will be useful to you in order to understand where the “the allowed framework” in search engine optimization. It’s not difficult to find these recommendations.

You do not have to cram all these recommendations, but you should at least superficially understand what they are talking about and realize the general message of the administration of the search engines and SEO recruitment, which they tried to convey through these recommendations to webmasters.

The best way to Learn SEO is a Practice.

To become a successful search engine optimization expert, an SEO student must have his own website. He can create a resource of any type – site, blog, forum, community, portfolio, etc. Only on your website, you can learn the basics of increasing attendance, experiment with internal optimization and try different ways of promotion to find out what works and what does not.

SEO helps you to improve the ranking of your website.

Constantly put Experiments

SEO is a field in which one can not unequivocally state what works and what does not.

The algorithms of Google and Yandex are constantly changing, and the effectiveness of this or that method of internal optimization and promotion always depends on many factors. Plus, there may be a banal thing – all other things being equal, the same method can work well for one optimizer and not work for another.

That’s why practically on any issue in the promotion of sites you can find directly opposite opinions, even from an experienced SEO specialist.

If you are in doubt, do not read someone’s opinion and do not take it blindly as truth, no matter how authoritative a person in SEO. Put the experiment on and test it on your own.

Naturally, something can change, from time to time experiments need to be repeated (especially if you notice a decrease in effect).

Some of the well-adopted experiments you should try:

Where to find Relevant Information for the SEO Specialist?

 How to become SEO Specialist with blog

Sources of information for a specialist can be:

  • forums

Almost from the beginning of the development of the Internet, forums have been a public means for obtaining information not only on the subject of SEO but also on any other. And now this is the meeting place for people of the same interest.

If you are into blogging, you may love visiting hellboundbloggers’ forum. It is filled with tons of information about blogging and SEO.

A forum is a great place where you can gain experience, and find out a lot of information and the latest news.

  • blogs of other eminent optimizers

Mostly in their blogs, such optimizers reveal many tricks and “secrets” that are not mentioned in the recommendations of search engines, but which allow you to promote your project in search results.

Typically, these blogs are updated with new information and written in the most professional way. You can read them occasionally and they will not take you much time.

Naturally, if you have just started studying search engine optimization, you should spend a lot of time studying all written posts for the last year at least.

  • SEO-portals

Such portals are an excellent combination of the source of relevant news and a platform. The well-known experts express their views on existing problems in the field.

  • profile conferences

Of course, for such conferences, all the speakers are trying to prepare very interesting presentations, cases. But nothing will replace the fact that during a coffee break you, by chance, will hear someone’s experience of “circumvention” of search algorithms, which no one else knows.

Such information will be much more useful than any that you will find in the public domain.

Therefore, evaluate the significance of such conferences also from informal communication. In addition – this is an extra reason to have a rest from everyday work in a team of like-minded people.

It is advisable to work in a company, to become an SEO specialist

Development and promotion of the sites is one thing. Doing client sites is different.

Any person can learn how to promote sites, there has to be a desire. The Internet has the necessary information. In SEO there is nothing very complicated and abstruse.

Naturally, you need to work very hard, constantly learn and love what you are doing. Then all will turn out!

  1. Marta Mike says

    Thank you for advising on this topic to become SEO specialist.

    Practice Is always important for one to become a SEO specialist.

    1. PCSkull Editorial Team says

      You said it RIGHT, Marta!

      SEO is practical and the more you do, you will become better along with your experience.

  2. Simran Rast says

    A well-detailed article and points about SEO. SEO keeps changing and thanks for this latest input.

    1. PCSkull Editorial Team says

      Thanks, Simran. Glad you like it.

  3. Isha Londa says

    Thanks for this amazing article. To become an SEO more practice is needed. The more you practice SEO, the better you become.

    1. PCSkull Editorial Team says

      Exactly. You got that point.

  4. Megan Warner says

    Nowadays, SEO is so dynamic and it is changing over the years. We should be updated with the latest changes to promote our blogs and services to more audience. Thanks for this guide.

    1. PCSkull Editorial Team says

      Right, Megan. There are a lot of changes happens every day in Google algorithm. Being updated and finding what works today is the best strategy to follow.

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