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What are the Benefits of Scheduling Blog Posts for Blogger?

Blogging isn’t as easy as it might seem. If you want to turn your blogging hobby into a serious business, you should do more than simply write the content that seems interesting to you.

You have to plan everything and make sure that you’ll be able to deliver the content regularly no matter what.

How can you achieve that?

With the help of scheduling, of course.

Advantages of Scheduling Blog Posts

Let’s see the Advantages of Scheduling Blog Posts.

Making the schedule for your posts is definitely worth a shot as it can give you the following benefits.

1. You’ll be in control.

When you schedule your posts, you know exactly how much of them you have to deliver each week.

Moreover, you also know the exact deadline date of each post. It gives you more control over your content. It allows you to write posts in advance, to plan your week ahead, and to schedule time for other important blogging routines – for example, for writing a post for guest blogging.

2. You’ll be able to write longer posts.

Bloggers that don’t stick to a certain schedule could post their articles as soon as they write them.

However, this isn’t always wise.

Sometimes you finish the article only to understand a day later that you could add more valuable information to it. When an article is already published, there’s nothing you can do about it. If it is written in advance, you’ll be able to make these changes.

3. You can make the most of your blog posts.

You probably know that the time of the post’s publication matters a lot. If a post goes live at a right time, more people will read and share it.

The best publication time varies for each blog, depending on its niche, and isn’t always convenient.

For example, if you prefer to work at night it could be hard for you to wake up early only to publish a post.

However, you have a provision to schedule and write your posts in advance. You are able to use one of the services that will publish your post automatically at the desired time.

4. You’ll be able to do deeper research.

When you have a schedule, you also have more time to work on your content. And that includes doing deeper research.

So I consider this point as the most important of all advantages of scheduling blog posts.

It is not useful if you write many articles if it does not count value for readers. In fact, quantity is of the 5 common blogging myths among the bloggers, Kendall has mentioned.

Writing an Impactful Blog Post

Instead of writing a post in a hurry, you will be able to come up with a plan. Make a list of sources you might need. Offer more interesting facts and useful information in your posts.

5. You can travel freely.

Want to go on a vacation somewhere far or near?

With the schedule, you can do it easily.

All you need to do is to write a certain number of posts in advance, schedule the auto-posting and go get some rest.

You don’t have to pay attention to the time zones. Moreover, your business will be running while you are resting – isn’t that amazing?

6. You can set priorities easily.

Unexpected things happen and unexpected tasks arrive all the time. This could stress out a lot, especially if you don’t have a schedule. It could be hard to set your priorities right without risking to putting off something really important.

One of the advantages of scheduling blog posts is, it simplifies that task greatly.

For example, if you have an urgent guest post to write, you can check your schedule and see whether you do have time for that or not.

The same goes for other tasks, even the ones that aren’t related to your blogging business.

For example, you can take a day off if the next post deadline is far enough. Make sure, you will still be able to write this post on time.

7. Your content becomes more valuable.

When you don’t write in a rush, you are able to create more valuable content.

This happens because you have more time to research (as was already mentioned above), to add something, to put your article away for a couple of days and then re-read it, fixing all mistakes and making all the necessary changes.

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You also feel more relaxed when you know that you have enough time. Now, you are able to enjoy the writing process much more, which will also affect the quality of your posts in a good way.

When you do more research and starts writing, it improves your writing skills. Mary, a successful writer shares her thoughts, how blogging has improved her writing skills.

8. You’ll feel less stressed.

One of the best things about the schedule is that it allows you to relieve some part of the stress caused by blogging.

When you don’t have a schedule, you might find yourself writing a new post late at night simply because you suddenly realized that you haven’t been updating your blog for a week or more. You can also stress a lot when unexpected situations happen, making it harder for you to deliver this long-awaited post.

Sure, such things still can happen even when you have a schedule, but they will be much easier to handle and you will definitely feel less stressed too.

9. Your reputation grows.

It doesn’t matter how often you update your blog – once a week or once a month, for example.

What matters to your readers the most is that you stick to your promises and do your best to meet their expectation.

If you promise to update once a week every Thursday and do so, your readers will be happy and your reputation will grow. People like when they know what to expect of you and you look more reliable when you do what you promise.

If you are a student and want to do the blogging full time in future, you should start growing your reputation. Growing readers and fan following is not hard if you follow 5 Incredible Blogging Tips for Students. You will learn many things about blogging before jumping into it.

Wrapping Up…

These are 9 main reasons and advantages of scheduling blog posts to start scheduling every next article. Of course, schedule benefits you not only in the ways mentioned above. It also makes you more organized, allows creating a proper content plan, and adjusting it to your needs as much as you want.

Scheduling post also teaches you how to work with deadlines and how to do things in advance.

But most of all it simplifies the big part of your blogging work, getting the dates and deadlines out of your head, and allowing to focus on other important areas of blogging.

So even if you don’t have everything else organized, consider trying a schedule for a start. It will definitely make your blogging better.

If you are achievable at delivering great content, you can focus on getting more traffic to your blog.

What’s your best return after scheduling post? Write in a comment. Let’s have something great to discuss.

Happy Blogging!

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