20 Ways SEO Can Help You Improve Rankings of Your Site

Hundreds of things are taken into consideration when it comes to deciding where your site belongs in a search engine’s rankings, making it almost impossible to know what it is that you have to do in order to get to the top.

However, SEO experts do have a pretty good idea of some of the things that some of the biggest search engines like Google are looking for and what businesses can do to improve their ranking.

You can become an SEO expert as well with practicing and adopting the right mindset.

How SEO improves website rankings?

So, let’s see one-by-one.

Mobile SEO Matters

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One of the most important SEO strategies that are often overlooked is to optimize your site for mobile search browsing.

So many people are now using their mobile devices rather than desktop computer to use the web. It is vitally important that your site works just as well on a phone as it does on a desktop.

Failing this, you will start to lose visitors to your site, and Google will start to rank you lower.

Mobile finally took over desktop browsing back in October 2016, with mobile browsing accounting for around 51% of all web browsing. Therefore prioritizing your mobile content is a must for all companies with an online presence.

Optimizing your site for mobile use is now essential in today’s society, and a website that isn’t compatible can suffer badly in terms of SEO. Google wants people to be able to find relevant, high-quality sites that give an overall good user experience.

On mobile devices, it does not want to be ranking sites higher that can hardly even be accessed on a mobile phone for the sake of both its reputation and the people that use it.

You can also develop an Android or iOS mobile application for your blog and upload it to respective play stores.

Promote Your Content on Other Sites

Intentional link building is also a very effective method, as links are one of the biggest drivers of rankings.

Link building should increase the number of links that point to your website, therefore increasing the likelihood of click-throughs.

Although links can be paid for, this is deeply frowned upon in the world of SEO, and websites are likely to be penalized for using such methods.

Only white hat link building strategies should be used that will add value to the end-user and also abide by Google’s terms of service. White hack link building is one of the major factors of how SEO improves website rankings.

This kind of link will produce good results continuously, rather than just for a short space of time. It also helps you for increasing traffic to your blog in the long run.

Think About User Experience and Technical Aspects of Your Site

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There are also many technical aspects that will affect SEO, some of which are pretty complex. This refers to any type of SEO that is not content-focused.

Some of these technical elements include schema, a code used on websites that can help the search engine provide the user with results that are right for them.

Website speed also plays a major role in SEO. With a slower website, you are more likely to be ranked lower due to a number of people not waiting for your website to load. The audience enjoys it when things start working fast.

Even Google does not like websites that provide bad user experience, and that is exactly what a slower website is providing.

Not focusing on website speed and technical aspects, these are some of the biggest mistakes new bloggers always do. Avoid them.

Create Different Types of Content to Keep Visitors Longer on Your Site

As well as the content, other things on the website itself can make a difference, such as the type of content that is used.

For example, having a video on your site is more likely to increase the average site visit time, as people will have something to interact with.

An increase in site visit time indicates to Google and other search engines that there is value to your site, as people are spending an extended period of time on it.

The same can be applied to other pieces of content such as a blog or infographics.

These features are the type of media that are likely to be shared on social media sites such as Facebook or Google, increasing the likelihood of more click-throughs.

Also, follow standard tactics to Stand Out on Social Media and to get more followers for your blog.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to SEO. SEO Jury has provided some of the key insights into this complicated field in its informative infographic, perfect for finding out some in-depth information about the topic.

Social media is a real asset as it brings direct traffic to your website. So, always make use of all the Social Media Benefits.

These are the most common ways of how SEO improves website rankings. I know there are so many other ways of ranking posts for getting traffic. What’s your favorite method? Write in the comment.

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