How Blogging Helps to Find Job of Your Dream?

There are various reasons why people start a blog. Somebody wants to become famous, while others simply need a way of expressing themselves. If you simply want to make the money from your blog, you can read our previous article, How to Make Money with Blog. Regardless of your initial motives, you can always turn your blog into a job-hunting tool. At the end of this article, you will find proven tips, how blogging helps to find job. Invest a little more effort and time into your website today and you will have so many more chances to land the position you crave for tomorrow.

Blogging Helps to Find Job


There are a couple of things headhunters look at while recruiting. Apart from professional competencies, your personality and hobbies play a crucial role in their decision. So what if you manage to find a way to present your professional skills wrapped in your amazing personality traits? That’s exactly where blogging comes in handy!


1. Organize Your Blog Logically

When the headhunter hits your blog, he or she isn’t going to read it all. In fact, they might not even read a single post. But you want them to see everything there is and to be able to find that one post that they are interested in. So make sure the contents and tabs on your website are easy to understand and present your skills and competencies in the best way.

Use a landing page as a summary of you as a personality and your blog as a unique source of information. Avoid ads and paid links (you don’t want to seem like you are simply laundering cash off your audience). You will land up knowing as blogging helps to find job.


2. Make the Homepage Look Very Professional

It’s pricey to have a professional designer do the layout of your website, I get it. But it is worth every penny you spend the money on an outstanding look of the main landing page. You can check landing page of PCSkull.

And it is not as expensive as you think! There are tons of websites that offer you ready design patterns that you can use as soon as today – and many of them are free, others will cost you around 30-50 dollars.


3. Always Link to Previous Posts

You might have already said that you have ten years of experience in public relations, but what is the chance that your potential employer has read that post?

Make sure that every post links to you as a professional. For this reason, I always have a short catchy bio on a bottom and include at least 3 links to my previous works in the text itself.


4. Add Your Bio. To Everything.

You will be surprised how many people forget about it. Or sometimes they are just too shy to take credit for their work. Place a box with your good quality picture and the short bio that will be visible throughout every page of the blog.Then think of a different kind of information to put under each of your posts.


5. Invest in SEO

Having good content on your blog is the best recommendation for you, but it might be useless if your page is dead. You got to have a reasonable number of readers (usually at least 1,000 unique visitors) in order to be able to show off your blog as an achievement.

Master the basics of SEO so that you know how to organize your texts and blog structure. Sync your blog with social networks. Don’t hesitate to turn to the pros to get you known. Pro blogging helps to find job. Yes, Right Job!

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6. Link to Your Blog in Your Resume

Last but not least – find a prominent spot for your blog on your CV. It deserves more than just a line in “hobby” section. With the right wording, it can go right underneath your name (in a short summary) or even in the related work experience section.


So these tips to know, how blogging helps to find job, will end up landing dream job for you if you workout these blogging activities.

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