Top 9 Strategies to Improve User Experience on Website

In today’s digital landscape, your websites are digital marketers who help promote your business and products.

They provide complete information about your products and services but they also help create a strong brand image. But mere creation of a beautiful website with relevant content is not enough to attract visitors.

Your business site needs to provide excellent user experience to increase the number of visitors visiting your website and convert them into loyal customers. They add more referrals, thus increasing your business sales.

What is User Experience (UX)?

User Experience (UX) means improving user satisfaction through smooth navigation, attractive design interface, relevant content, accessibility, etc. and many more.

Accessibility + Usability + Efficiency = Excellent UX

User experience and conversion rates are related to each other. Hence, if you wish to increase the conversion ratio, focus on giving the best user experience for gaining the desired result.

Why UX Matters?

Many times, many visitors visit your site, only a few become your customers, and many don’t return to your site. What can be the reason?

Poor UX (user experience) can be the main reason for the above problem, which prevents your business site from flourishing. Research by Intechnic indicates that 70% of the customers abandon purchases because of bad UX.

 There may be multiple reasons for poor UX, which affects your business directly.

Poor UX Reasons

  • Visitors can’t find their desired content or product and abandon site immediately (79% as per Intechnic)
  • Not able to access the website will enhance the bounce rate
  • Broken link errors while surfing
  • Not optimized for mobile

A responsive and user-friendly website makes it easier for visitors to interact and navigate. Therefore, usability and user experience are also associated to each other.

Visitors need to stay longer on your website so that they can know your brand, which will improve conversion rates. Positive user experiences create a loyal customer and bring in more visitors by word of mouth publicity.

Improve your site’s User Experience with the below-mentioned tips to boost your business.

Increase Website Traffic

[9 Tips] Improve User Experience on Website

To make or break your business depends on what you are giving to the users. Reduce the obstacles and friction on the website and make it simple and easy for users to surf through pages.

So,let’s start with Navigation System.

1. Easy and Simple Navigation Process:

Transparent, clear, and simple navigation links should be the primary focus of your website. Users like to get their desired information quickly rather than getting confused between pages.

The navigation system should be adequately categorized with sections and sub-sections. Good clickable & organized links, help in making the navigation smooth and user friendly.

Your site should have the main menu and secondary menu and essential contents like Home Page and About Page prioritized for easy user approach.

2. Responsive Website:

If your visitors can’t view your website on their mobiles or tablets, you lose out on potential customers.

There are many advantages of responsive websites.

A responsive website makes your site mobile-friendly, but it also revamps the display on small and large screens. This, in turn, attracts more network traffic and compels your visitors to stay more and enjoy your site.

Even Google has started penalizing sites that are non-optimized for mobile. Your site responsiveness will help improve website usability and boost SEO ranks since it is visible on all types of devices.

You can check the responsiveness of your website for mobile using Google Search tool.

Responsive Web Design Checker tool helps to determine whether your website is responsive or not. Even CMS platforms like WordPress and Magento have many extensions or plugins available for testing site responsiveness.

If you are using WordPress CMS for your website and your website is not responsive, follow the guide to fix issues to make it responsive.

3. Accessibility:

Accessibility of your website depends on how good your site is accessible to people with disabilities. This, in turn, helps improve user experience since these special visitors can understand, surf, and interact with site tools and multiple navigation options like voice command, audio messages, etc.

The main motto of the Web Accessibility Initiative is to make the web fully accessible to all people, including people with disabilities, and improve user experience.

There are various ways of improving the accessibility of your website. Accessibility can be improved with alternative text in brail language for images shown, functions available from the keyboard instead of a mouse, and other assistive technologies that help people with diverse abilities.

4. Site Load Speed:

The world is moving at a fast pace, and people want their web to be quicker than they think or imagine. Hence a slow site speed turns their mood off, and they become frustrated and angry.

UX Planetshows how the bounce rate increases with the increase in load speed.

As the speed increases from 1-3 seconds bounce rate increases by 32%, and if it goes to 5 seconds, the bounce rate shoots to 90%.

There are multiple tools online to check your website speed. Google also has a PageSpeed Insight tool. Use it.

There are multiple ways to increase site speed. Let’s check them out.

Apart from these options, many more ways to help improve your site speed performance and increase user experience.

5. Utilize White Space:

Apart from content and services, the design is equally important. A clear layout with appropriate white spacing highlights your content. Cluttered and stuffed sites create a negative impact on users.

Business owners think that the site should be packed with information, whereas research by UX Planet indicates the power of white space (unmarked space), which increases user observation by 20%.

Appropriate white space makes your content visible than stuffed content. Hence white space is very effective in creating a better user experience.

6. Define Call To Action (CTA):

Unclear CTA confuses visitors, and they are clueless about where to proceed in the site, which is one of the reasons for site abandonment.

Attractive and colourful Call to Action (CTA) buttons on your site; ensures easy navigation for users, thus increasing conversion rates and improvised user experiences.

7. Fix Broken Links:

404 Error or broken links are disappointing and create barriers in the navigation process. They can be easily fixed by using the broken link checker tool.

8. Eliminate Unnecessary Stuff:

Eliminate non-essential ads, irrelevant images, link to inessential social media, blinking ads to make your site more improvised for better user experience.

Images takes lot of space. If you are not using any image or if the images are outdated, remove them.

9. Install SSL Certificate for Security:

Finally, get SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate installed on your website for security against web crimes. This digital certificate encrypts communication made between a web site and browser and keeps your customer information safe from evil people.

Having SSL certificate installed on the website improve SEO.

Example: Thawte SSL certificates offer strong encryption and validation of customer transactions. They come with a trusted site seal that ensures visitors about the safety of their transactions.

Many more brands of SSL, with multiple types, are available at

Apart from the above factors, a few more mentioned below, also help in increasing UX.

  • Relevant use of Images
  • Impressive Home Page
  • Use of Bullet Points
  • Designed Headings

Cross-check your site for the above factors to gain a pleasing user experience.

Wrapping Up

I hope these strategies help you to improve user experience on website.

A consistent website is the one that is perfectly shaped and structured for the target audience. To provide an amazing user experience, it is essential that your website is user-centric and focused.

Survival in this digital world is possible only with good user experience, and the above mentioned UX tips will help keep your site on the top. Best Wishes!!

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