How to Grow LinkedIn Influence to Make Yourself Look Amazing

What for do you need a profile on LinkedIn? I hope that most of you are well concerned about it.

As I see it, this step signifies awareness of your professional strengths, your eagerness to get acquainted with employers appreciating your traits and competence, and readiness for speeding up your professional growth. This is only possible with a well-thought-out profile.

To be accepted a professional you should do your best to sound an expert. Unfortunately, most of us fail to do it at the first attempt being armed with no more but the best of intentions without any in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements as for the form and content of LinkedIn profiles.

Likewise, to grow your LinkedIn influence, you always gain professional advantage from social media if you know how to use it properly.

Grow LinkedIn Influence

How to Grow Your LinkedIn Influence?

Every expert agrees to the point: you can only get profound knowledge in any sphere when you have acquired the basics. So, let us go back to the basics.

Update the data

There is no excuse for a Linked in user if he or she does not do the best to represent the latest data on the account.

This is true for both the newcomers and the old-stagers.

If you are willing to make progress due to your membership in the LinkedIn community, this is the first thing you should take care about. If you want to take root in LinkedIn networks, you cannot afford to fail at this stage of preparation!

The very first thing you need to keep in mind in this concern is the HEADLINE.

Like the title of the article, your headline presentation should induce people to learn more about you.

On the other hand, it should inform the reader about your expert abilities and the variety of your professional skills to the fullest.

So, your headline can include as much as:

  • job title and organization (HR Department Head at Jonson&Jonson);
  • experience (Personal Documentation Translation and English Tutor);
  • interests, skills, awards (Tutor, Translator, Author, Copywriter, Rawtarian).

Make this portion of your self-presentation laconic and informative.

Note: current emplacement and the sphere you currently represent have great significance.

Create an outstanding resume

The next step of your potential employer is acquaintance with your summary. As a penetrating person, he or she will not spend a lot of time on your self-presentation if it contains too much water.

To view LinkedIn profile should not take long!

When trying to sound the most seasoned expert, stay away from boasting or advertising yourself, and exclude anything related to slang and jargon. Make it easy to read.

Speaking to the point in your summary assumes:

  • Dwelling on what you’ve mentioned in the headline;
  • Covering your specialist field/ fields;
  • Reporting on your professional experience;
  • Paying attention to the received high marks worthy of note;
  • Noting novel ideas of yours.

Note: Determine your preferences as for first-person and the third–person presentation from the very beginning and keep to them throughout the whole writing. Experts split on this question. Choose the approach, which is more convenient for you.

If writing is not your strength, seek the help of an editor or ask a friend of yours to look it through, but never leave it as it is.

If you want to write it by yourself, you must follow professional tips for writing.

Take care of the look

Professionals are attentive to details. People who find specialists through LinkedIn profiles are experts in choosing the best representatives in the sphere.

To determine the one they take into account more than “dry” experience or positions. The background of a person, creativity, attentiveness to details, ability to create and follow own style are always highly appreciated for any kind of job. This is what they can easily find out reading between the lines.

  • Get Professional Photo

According to the statistics, the profiles with the photos with the corresponding quality are visited eleven times much as those without any.

Choosing a photo for your account in LinkedIn do not forget the target.

You do this to find more opportunities for your professional realization: the person viewing it should accept you as an expert, not a “pretty young lady”, “an enigmatic woman” or “a fellow knowing how to cheer up”.

To make certain you DO look professional, take a professional photo.

Thus, ascertain you do not:

  • look like on the photo for Instagram or dating site;
  • include a photo of the ten-years-old remoteness;
  • take a photo with your pet, best friend, mom, better half.

Look appropriately, you are a professional, aren’t you?

  • Mind your language. Even if the sphere of your activities is far from writing, and it does not belong to your strengths, you CANNOT omit any inaccuracy like a typo, grammar or spelling mistakes. Use computer check, read yourself several times, ask your “authorized delegate” to look it though.
  • “Dress” the profile. When I say that your presentation in LinkedIn should be to the point I do not mean it should be boring to death. Do you remember your employer is an expert in his field? If your account looks like a dry list of facts this is a bad presentation – personalize it changing your background page with the help of an attractive image.

Upgrade the profile

 To impress the recruiter with your in-depth awareness and ability to gain maximal result from the existing opportunities, you should use the advantages offered by the LinkedIn profiles.

Blogging Improves Writing Skills

Upgrading your account is of great importance! It may not sound too serious, but the person in search of a sophisticated individual will appreciate such details.

  • Personalized URL. Having created an account on LinkedIn, you are assigned some URL, which is just an occasional set of letters and numbers. Create the one you would like your potential employer to see before having an opportunity to talk to you to form the needed base for the acquaintance. Thus, you can also consolidate all your social profiles.
  • Additional sections to get more opportunities. To make your profile still more attractive and appealing, use more options offered by LinkedIn profiles. For instance, you can devote some chapters to your awards in the professional sphere, language proficiency, volunteer services, interests, etc. The better you manage to illustrate your diversity, the more opportunities you will get.

Optimize your efforts

Well-paid specialists do value their time. Not to get one more account of yours, but an effective tool helping you to make progress and get higher, arrange the profile correspondingly.

This assumes that you need to fix several settings to get the best results.

  • Keyphrases. There is no reason in illustrating your eloquence if you omit the key phrases: such word combinations serve the beacons showing your potential employer the way to your profile. Correct key expressions simplify the search. Determine the phrases, which the searchers insert when looking for the assistance like the one you offer and include some of them in your headline and resume.
  • Post attractive content. To ascertain you do not work in vain making on one more post, learn the needs of the audience you are working for. Create the content representing the sphere of their interest and get high. On the high end, you can create a video on your expertise area and share with your followers.

Spread the net widely

Trying to find the promising collaboration offer make yourself as noticeable as possible.

There is no time for timidity!

Talk to people discussing the interesting topic, talk to people representing interest for you due to their position in the industry or their experience. Also, talk to people you know and those you don’t know.

If you do want to build the network of yours you cannot afford yourself hesitating!

  • Join different groups. The variety of groups you might seek for membership is great in LinkedIn space: groups by the organization, position, sphere, educational establishment, interests, territory, language proficiency, etc. You will certainly find a large number of those you would like to join. Having found some, don’t stay mute: participate in discussions, start new ones, contribute to the topics you are interested in. However, do not try to advertise your services in any way instead advertise your competence!
  • Look for people. To make your acquaintances as broad as possible you need to look for more connections. Search people by their names, industries they belong to, organizations they represent, interests, locations, skills, etc. Using Premium options, you can get much more.
  • Contact strangers. Some of us still feel embarrassed when getting acquainted. But if you have chosen LinkedIn to speed up your progress, it’s high time to get rid of this drawback.
    Get to know as many people as you can! Is there any need to dwell on why is important to build strong connections?This is how you can get to key men: first, you contact some unknown user, he looks through your content, shares some of your worthy pages with some other people, and the one who likes it immensely shares it once again. Then, unexpectedly, within a minimum timeframe, you develop your style and reputation.

Good job!

Having created your LinkedIn account, you’ve stepped on the way to your professional success you are aimed at!

Just like LinkedIn, You can also create influence on Instagram.

Editors’ note: This article about “grow your LinkedIn influence” is written and shared by Helen Brik.

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