20 Social Media Marketing Strategies Professionals Can’t Ignore

What are the trending Social Media Marketing Strategies to follow?

Professional marketers throughout the world have been enjoying the benefits of using social media in their marketing campaign. Engaging in social media marketing isn’t that easy most especially if you want to market a new brand. Fortunately, there are social media marketing strategies that can help social media marketers in balancing their resources and time.

In an earlier post, we have discussed Social Media Marketing Strategy to promote business and generating revenues. In this post, we have listed social media marketing strategies that professional marketer cannot ignore.

social media marketing strategies

Here are some Social Media Marketing Strategies…

  1. FTC Rules

The crackdown of FTC has been a big story in the social media marketing world. According to one of the keynote speaker during the recently concluded #SocialPro Conference, marketers should follow the FTC guidelines to succeed in their social media marketing campaign.

  1. Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategies in Facebook advertisement

Using advanced tactics in Facebook ads, marketers can easily capture the attention of the target audience and eventually maximize the return on investment. This can be possible by getting Facebook likes.

  1. Enhancing video creation

In order to beat the social video superstars like WWE, Jimmy Fallon, and Buzzfeed, social media marketers should also improve their approach to creating the video by using other platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat aside from getting Youtube views.

Video creation is one of the most engaging marketing strategies. It gives the feel of virtual reality for the end customer. You can read how to Improve Business sales using Visualization.

social media marketing strategies using videos

  1. Real-time marketing

Engaging in real-time marketing isn’t only possible but also profitable. Any marketer or company can benefit from these social media marketing strategies since many virtual users nowadays prefer live media streaming.

  1. Expanding venue for social advertisements

Aside from increasing the Facebook likes, Youtube views, and Twitter follower, it’s also profitable to invest in other platforms that can be used in social marketing campaigns such as Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

  1. Facebook News Feed

Over the years, the Facebook News Feed has been continually changing. Experts suggest that social media marketers should pay attention to improving the quality of content that they share in order to gain more Facebook likes.

  1. Improved Twitter Ads

If you want to engage in real-time marketing, the best platform to use is the Twitter. This gives the biggest opportunity for marketers in this new year to implement modern social media marketing strategies in video ads, event targeting and increasing Twitter follower.

Improved Twitter ads

  1. Obtaining sales through social commerce

Many online retailers have benefited not only from the number of their Twitter follower but also from the Twitter buyable pins and Twitter Buy Button. All leads to social commerce and are some of the effective social media marketing strategies that experts are pushing on.

  1. Social metrics

You might be aware of, how to Conquer New Markets Through E-commerce business Platforms. Aside from using social e-commerce, you can also be challenged by the social analytics. However, this is one of the things that can help your social activities and improve the rate of return on investment.

  1. Maximize social markup

Starting it right is the key to social media marketing. Social marketers should ensure quality sharing of their content by using other elements such as Pinterest Rich Pins, Twitter Cards and Open Graph Protocol that are important in making any content viral.

  1. Real-time video

It’s also helpful to improve one’s mobile video by using Periscope and other platforms like Meerkat.

  1. Snapchat

Using the Snapchat Discover, marketers can expect to obtain billions of views every day. It’s because this platform is sending significant traffic to other media sites.


  1. New Instagram engagement

Instagram is one of the very useful platforms for social media marketing. Many marketers prefer this platform because of its expanded options in advertising.

Read this simple 5 money making Instagram Tricks to boost engagement with the customer.

  1. Incorporating with other channels

Integrating traditional advertising along with social media and other marketing channels would result in significant optimization of many brands.

  1. Right social tools

There are many social media tools that can be used for ad optimization, publishing, and social content production. Choosing the right social tools is a great help for social media marketers to succeed.

  1. Fresh content

Content is king; thus, the content you choose to post or publish is very significant in social media marketing. Marketers should learn to create fresh content in order to improve their social presence and increase organic search visibility.
It is always good to keep an eye on our competitors. Many times it helps us to learn from your competitor about Content Marketing.

  1. B2B landscape

Many social marketers are dealing in B2B. That’s why it’s also important to use platforms that suit best to B2B without paying for leads and sales.

B2B LandScappic: Google Plus

  1. CMO zone

Social marketers should understand the CMO zone. It helps you to learn how social can boosts your social marketing campaign.

  1. Pinterest

This platform easily attracts the attention of many virtual users who want to live an inspired life. One can use Pinterest in social marketing not only for products but also for content optimization.

Pinterestpic: Pinterest

  1. Paid social advertising

Investing in paid social advertising can be a great help for marketers as it increases leads to sales conversion. One example would be advertising ads on Youtube, using viral videos or Youtubers with massive Youtube views.

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Considering the social media marketing strategies and opportunities cited above, marketers can expect to be on the right track and obtain the best return on investment.

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