7 Crazy Ideas to Increase Sales from Mobile App for Your Business

What are the mobile app ideas to boost your business sales?

The old palled methods of advertising and marketing have faded.

With the rise of mobile devices, customers want everything on their fingertips.

More and more businesses are shifting towards mobile apps for their businesses.

mobile app for business

Seeing the potential it has to increase sales and conversion rates.

The mobile app is necessary for your business if you are serious about your business.

In this mobile-driven world, there are still some people who believe in the old traditions of sales and marketing.

They think there is a risk in shifting towards something new when they are seeing results in their old methods.

If you are one of these people, read this blog to the last line and you’ll have a clear idea as to, How mobile apps can increase your sales almost magically.

Ideas to Increase Sales from Mobile App for Your Business

These 7 ideas will help you use your mobile app to its best potential.

So let’s jump straight into the action without wasting any time.

1. Engage with your customers.

Customers that are willing to download your mobile app, want better engagement.

They don’t get that close engagement on a website.

An app means a closer way of interaction and engagement.

So, customers crave for your presence and attention.

It is vital for you to give them that attention.

Connect with them. Provide them with awesome support features.

Let them trouble you with phone calls and messages about their queries.

They should feel at home with you. Let them schedule a service anytime they want and from anywhere.

Follow the tips to increase the user engagement on your App.

This way, you’ll be able to complete the engagement expectations of your customers.

And, if you can engage with your customers nicely, they will turn back to you more often.

And, eventually, you’ll see a certain boost in your sales.

2. Provide exceptional value.

The sole goal of businesses apart from earning money is providing value.

Value is what customers crave for. They don’t just want to buy what they need and move ahead.

They want to feel good with your services and want to be assured that they are buying something from someone trustable.

And, your app can be the best medium through which you can provide value.

By adding awesome extra features like product filters, you may also like buttons, etc, you can really put value in your products. Customers would love it on your app.

Also, this way, you are moving one step ahead of your competitors.

competitors marketing strategy

You are selling the same thing as they do. But, your products come with added value.

You need to keep advancing your business.

Customers would come to you in large numbers if the value is your aim.

And, the incremental increase in sales is inevitable if this happens.

3. Do advanced analytics.

Mobile analytics can be best used to analyze the activity of your customers on your app.

In fact, analyzing user behavior can help you to increase sales from mobile app.

You can know who is downloading your app and what activities are being performed.

You can also know how much time a customer spends on your app.

There are many more insights you can know through mobile analytics.

This advanced analytics will help you better the customer’s experience.

You would know where the customers are running away and where they are liking it the most.

Then, you can render the faulty parts of your app and strengthen the good ones.

Customers would find buying more easy with all the faulty and lagging parts of your site removed.

You’ll see a definite increase in your sales with this tactic put to good use.

4. Put referral options on your app.

Customer referrals are the best in terms of attracting more new customers.

A customer who has already used your app and has had a great experience,

Would love to refer you to his friends and family.

You can benefit from this, big time and attract new customers.

That is why putting referral options on your app is a great tactic.

You can put options where users can refer you on social media platforms.

Also, putting options where users can refer on a personal one to one applications like WhatsApp, Instagram or Skype can be very helpful.

This way, you’ll attract more and more new customers and attract more and more sales!

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5. Use geofencing.

Geofencing is a great tactic that can be used only through your mobile app.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a technique by which, you can send push notifications with short messages, to users who are passing nearby your physical shop.

These messages can contain exciting, exclusive deals to allure the users into the shop.

This gives the users, a personalized experience and, with exciting incentives, you can drive them in your shop and hope they can turn into customers.

6. Keep customers informed.

bring Target Audience with blogging

Customers want to be up to date with your products and services.

They want to know everything that is going on right now, to make a choice and buy your product.

For this, you have to keep them informed. With the use of your mobile app,

You can send push notifications to your customers about the latest products and offers.

Also, you can highlight exclusive deals and offers on your app itself.

This way, you’ll keep your customers updated and hopefully turn them in for sales.

Social media is one of the important aspects to grow your business. Engage and keep informing your customers on social media as well.

7. Give loyalty rewards.

Getting rewards is always a great feeling. You can give rewards to your genuine and frequent customers to keep them happy and returning.

You can give loyalty points to your regular customers upon every purchase.

If you are into the e-commerce business, these points can then be redeemed into certain purchases.

This way, you’ll keep your regular customers happy and they’ll keep returning.

Also, these rewards will attract more and more customers and turn them into regular ones.

This way, you’ll generate good sales and keep your customers happy.


In today’s’ digital era, you need to adopt certain changes to stand out in the crowd as early as possible and the mobile app is one of that.

These 7 ideas to increase sales from mobile app are tested and proven.

If you are already using a mobile app for your business, consider applying these 7 ideas for increased sales and conversion rates.

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