6 Apps for Carpooling | Reduce Traffic and Air Pollution

Start Using these Apps for Carpooling to avoid Traffic Congestion

Just before getting on the road, your thoughts persuade you to believe that you will reach your desired destination before time. You don’t, at least most of the time!

The reason is the traffic congestion has become a crucial problem.

The increasing number of vehicles on the road and air pollutants emitted from them is drastically affecting our lives.

There is a need to explore some apps to reduce traffic and air pollution.

The incessant increase in these drastic effects is so alarming that various mobile app development companies are finding new possibilities in developing apps that can help reduce traffic and air pollution.

Meanwhile, the governments of various countries are looking for ways of minimizing traffic that caused pollution.

This practice alone cannot be successful unless we help by adapting to ways that will serve the purpose along.

This is time to be smart with the Smartphone. In an earlier post, we have shared tips to use a Smartphone that makes you even Smarter.

You should check the Apps to Reduce Traffic and Air Pollution. We have listed these apps to offer you great assistance.

Yes, there are cool apps for the smartphone that supports almost every purpose in life and so there are creations of masterminds to help us fight this cause.

Here is a…

List of Apps for Carpooling to Reduce Traffic and Air Pollution

Apps to Reduce Traffic and Air Pollution

1. The Clean Ride Mapper

First and foremost is this brilliant development of Professor Marianne Hatzopoulou from the University of Toronto.

How does it help you?

  • This entirely user-friendly app enables the cyclist to find a route which is traffic-free across the city.
  • Clean Ride Mapper provides the lowest exposure and shortest route with a calculated amount of air pollution.

You will avoid it while following any other app routes.

How does it work?

Go to this app.

All that you need to do on the app is to simply insert a pin at the starting point and at the destination.

The app selects two lines, leading from origin to destination one in green color and the other in blue. The first indicates the cleanest route and the later represents the fastest route.

Dr. Mariane reveals studies where air pollution has various measurable impacts on physiology, blood pressure, and on heart-avoid health hazards.

Technology is growing in the healthcare sector.

2. Pool My Ride

This app enables you to reduce road traffic and also lets you control air pollution.

It’s a user-friendly application that lets you be social and cut down on expenses.

You can even let your Facebook friends and app users share the ride with you.

You save the environment and money as well.

3. BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar is a wonderful invention that helps to control the emission of carbon dioxide. Through this app, the car owner and co-traveler can both share the enjoyment and journey.

The application is very useful and enables the user to calculate the cost of the journey on a calculator. And your journey will prove to be convenient, environmentally safe, and cost-effective at the same time.

Link: Android App for BlaBlaCar

4. sRide

A convenient car journey with reliable friends and community becomes possible through this marvelous carpooling application. It is one of the apps to reduce traffic and air pollution.

The ride and journey can be shared via this app by people traveling in the same direction and to the same destination.

The app has a built-in payment process that enables you to make a payment without the worry of carrying cash along.

In cases where the co-partner of the ride is not interested in taking payment from you, you can send an email with your details and your payment will get refunded back.

The app is user-friendly and very secure.

Link: Android App for sRide

5. PoolCircle Ridesharing Carpool

This app enables you to travel on the greenest, cheapest, and smartest route.

Choosing a public transport ride instead of a private ride enables you to contribute to controlling air pollution and PoolCircle reduces your driving stress and fuel cost.

The app is a safe platform that allows you to choose your connections. You can choose females, males, online connections, or office colleagues-your choice.

The app also has other enterprises as well, such as NetApp, MindTree, Software AG, and GE are some examples.

6. Getaround

Getaround makes your earning easy by letting you give your car for a ride/rent instead of having it stand idle in parking. This is one of the best tactics to make money online.

Getaround is a great mobile application that has numerous happy users.

You can find the car of your choice from the neighborhood by just going to this application.

You also have a customer service department that can assist you 24/7.

Link: Android App for Getaround

Summing It Up

The government of various countries is working on finding possibilities for calculating traffic air pollution.

The opportunity is already available and promises to be effective with the following characteristics: low cost, real-time data and provides effortless citizen participation option.

We conclude that there are possibilities of controlling the air pollution caused by traffic by individuals participating in the effort and taking the help of applications that enable us to protect the environment.

Moreover, applications, as mentioned above, help us avoid traffic congestions and let us plan our ride beforehand. Such apps to reduce traffic and air pollution enable the ride drives to share traffic conditions with other community members.

There can be different carpooling services in different regions of India like Bangalore, Mumbai, etc…

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How Carpooling Apps are helping to fight traffic and pollution?

The apps that offer carpooling options are even greater options of cutting down on traveling expenses and in keeping the environment safe.

Apps might be taking over your mobiles but at the same time, they are opening up to ways that develop our understanding of protecting our environment and health.

Choose apps to reduce traffic and air pollution and that worth the selection and time!

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