7 Cool Apps for Android Getting Huge Response from Users in New Year

Best Android Apps You Should Try Today

Millions of apps are developed for Android phones and tabs. The app developers are trying to gain profit from the market by delivering some useful and easy-to-use apps.

Cool apps for Android can be related to anything like fitness apps, gaming apps, social networking apps or any other kind of app.

A user always tries to download apps that cost nothing but offer some incredible features.

Many amazing apps were developed and launched last year and you should expect some better improvements this year.

As the number of smart devices is increasing year after year, app developers are facing new challenges and they are previously meeting those challenges. Android apps are getting more popular than any other Smartphone.

We are sharing the latest and cool apps for android available now for your Smartphones. These apps can improve your lifestyle and make things better for you.

Today we are sharing Cool apps for Android in the Android Apps category. Here is the list.

7 Categories to find Cool apps for Android:

Here are some popular apps in different categories.

1. Best Chat App

cool apps for android chat

Most of the users have bought Android Smartphones and tab just to have some ways of quick communication with clients, friends, and relatives.

Many chat apps are developed by companies across the world, but WhatsApp is still ruling.

WhatsApp is a futuristic app that has quite a handy user-interface and amazing features. You must install new updates of WhatsApp if you are using the old version. It is free to download and now you can send PDF, image and many other kinds of files by using WhatsApp.

Some other chatting apps like Skype, Hike, and Facebook messenger have also got a good response from Android users.

2. Best Music App

cool apps for android to play music

People are widely using Android Smartphones and tab not just because they want to communicate or get better internet access, but they also want to listen to quality music.

Fortunately, companies like Samsung, Sony, and HTC are producing Smartphones and tabs that can provide quality audio output via headphones and speakers.

Users get Google Play Music with their device. Some Smartphones are giving these cool apps for Android in pre-installed form. The user doesn’t even need to search it on the Google Play Store.

3. Best Shopping Apps

Among all the latest Android apps, shopping apps have got a huge response from the users. We cannot say which shopping app is leading because every online shopping cart like Amazon has its dedicated app.

So you can install apps like Amazon, eBay or Morrisons to purchase anything you want.

4. Best Photography Apps

android apps photographer

The word selfie was discovered, when users started clicking pictures by using the front camera of the Smartphones. Nowadays, youngsters are crazy about clicking selfies. You can astound yourself if you look at how weird peoples are using selfie sticks. They are using selfie-sticks and other accessories to click perfect pictures.

By the way, whatever camera quality you have got on your Smartphones’ camera, you would require editing the image for a better appeal.

Snapseed is giving you the best platform to do that. It is a wonderful app with plenty of image editing tools.

Instagram is also quite famous among users because it offers a social networking platform, where you can share the best pictures of your camera.

5. Best Android Movie Apps

People are more excited to use the Smartphone to become smart. They prefer to watch movies over a Smartphone.

It is more comfortable and handy to watch wherever and whenever.

There are many cool apps for android to watch movies, you can find the complete list of Android apps to watch movies.

6. Best Android Apps for Geek

We have already covered android apps for Geek. So it doesn’t find useful to rewrite the same. You can read it from Top 5 Android Applications For Geeks.

As technology is leading, the Smartphone is becoming a lifestyle for Geeks. Don’t miss to put the glance.

7. Best Social Networking Apps

There is no doubt that Facebook’s smartphone app is the leading social networking Android app. It is the most widely used social networking site.

Facebook’s Android app makes it quite handy to access Facebook and use its features.

There are also some other cool apps for Android for social networking apps like Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube. They are also ruling the Android App market.

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