7 Tips to Use Smartphone : How to become Smart?

These Smartphone Tips can Do More Work in Less Time

We are seeing, peoples are getting highly addicted to smartphone and started living in the virtual world. And this happens as lots of innovation is going around and everyone is getting fascinated by it, especially youths.

Sometimes it is worth to be updated with technology. Sometimes we end up with squandering a huge amount of time, literally doing nothing.

So here I am sharing simple tips to use Smartphone effectively. And it can save your lots of time.

Tips to Use Smartphone

7 Tips to use Smartphone:

#1 Save Battery Life:

While traveling I have seen many, they use smartphone extravagant but when it requires calling someone, battery drains.

For Smartphone, most of the power is consumed for display and the network entities like mobile networks, Bluetooth, WiFi internet. Actual computing and processing in Smartphone require very less amount of power.

So if you are not using the internet, turn off WiFi. While traveling, the mobile network comes and goes. It drains battery drastically. If it does not require having a mobile network, you can keep mobile in flight mode.

You can also carry power bank if you are traveling a long distance and you want to have a company of mobile throughout the journey.

#2 Save time on Smartphone:

Android and iPhone smartphones are ruining this mobile industry with Smartphone apps. Ther are so many useful and fascinated apps are available at play store.

Still, there are the same amount of apps that really does not make sense to use. Keeping extra unnecessary apps can create clutter.  And it is just waste of time.

So be precise and keep only apps that are useful to you.

Uninstall all the unnecessary apps. You can find these apps. Go through all applications and find which application you have not used since last week or last month. Find these unnecessary apps and uninstall them. It saves memory space and also improves the performance of the smartphone.

As like apps, same for the data. Smartphones are not the repository to store all your data. Keep only important data in your smartphone. A smartphone should be handy to find all the data and apps whenever and wherever you want.

#3 Be a Smart on Searching Online:

Search only things that you are looking for.

For searching online stuff or service, it is better to use respective smartphone apps.

For navigation, you can use Google Map application. For a mobile recharge, you can use Paytm or Freecharge apps instead of visiting their website and log in there.

If you are a geek and always eager for new technology, you can find top 5 Android apps for geeks.

#4 Live and Make Smart Memories:

It is good to start living in today. It is even better keeping it as smart memories.

Take photos, videos of every happy moment and capture every precious time in Smartphone.

#5 Keep Data Backup:

Precaution is always better than cure.

Visiting crowdy places, traveling by public transport; what happens next is no smartphone in the pocket. And it happens.

People afraid to lose the phone that to leveraging private data to the intruder. Data can be anything like pics, videos, documents, and contacts. These data can be misused. So better to take precautions.

Be on a safer side, always keep data on the cloud. There are many cloud data storage services like amazon cloud, Google Drive that allow you to synchronize mobile data.

Not to lose any important contacts always sync with Google Contact service. Even if you delete contacts unknowingly, you can restore contacts on mobile.

If you are more concern about securing mobile contents, here is a related post on 5 best password manager app for Android smartphone.

#6 Call on Emergency:

We use backpack cover for the smartphone to protect from external damage. Keep some amount in that backpack cover that can help you in an emergency call.

If you lost your wallet you can use this amount to reach your destination or to contact someone.

It is one of the best tips to use Smartphone. This is a small trick that sounds very useful in need.

#7 Be a Smart Traveller and Avid Music Freak:

I am sharing one of the simple two minutes tips to use the smartphone that will be useful for you in traveling.

You may have seen some rubber seal on backpacks/bags. Hardly anyone knows the use of it and just ignore. You can find the headphone sign over that rubber seal. This seal is patched with a bag to use your headphone to listen to music while traveling.

Tips to Use Smartphone for Music Freak

This is the FB bag that I use while traveling.

Feed your headphone through this seal. Take the headphone plug and hook it into the Smartphone kept inside the bag. This slot has given typically to keep your smartphone, iPad, MP3 player inside the bag while enjoying beats of music.

There are many android apps for movie freaks. If you are one of, do read 5 Best Android Movie Apps.

To Conclude…

I am sure you like all these tips to use smartphone. The smartphone has become the part of everyday life. Try to implement in your daily life and share your experience. If you have any more tips to use smartphone, feel free to write in comment sections.

Be Smart!

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