Top 5 Android Applications For Geeks

What are the best Android Applications For Geeks?

In traditional times, the work Geek was referred to the foolish people who have no sense of the surroundings and have some exceptional behavior. However, with the advancement of technology, the world has improved and the geek people have contributed too much online. Moreover, this word is now used for cooler things.

This post is also based on the top 5 Android applications for geeks. So, if you feel that you have enthusiasm towards learning something different from the others and have some exceptional talent, then this post can be very helpful to you.

So, Geeks, now it is my turn to tell you about the top 5 Android applications for geeks.

Top 5 Android Applications For Geeks


1. AIDE – Android IDE – Java, C++

AIDE is abbreviated for the Android Integrated Development Environment. So, basically with the use of AIDE, you can direct the Android applications from your Android device.

AIDE thus provides the features of a full edit, full compile and run. The features like code completion and real-time error checking help you to write code perfectly.

The other features include refactoring, smart code navigation and debugging. Not only Android applications can be developed using this smart application, but you can also develop applications for Java platforms, in languages like C and C++.

So, this one application is on the top-of-the-line of the top 5 android applications for geeks.

Download AIDE App for Android-> here

2. CamScanner– Phone PDF Creator

CamScanner application can serve a wonderful function of converting the image files into documents- Word, PDF and more. In short, the smartphone can be used as a scanner to scan documents if you have no such time to rush for the scanner and the internet.

Use your phone’s camera as the scanner. It comes free with some limited features. However, for full access over these applications use, you will have to spend more money.

Download CamScanner for Android ->her


Graphing Calculator



3. Graphing Calculator by Mathlab

Graphing calculator by Mathlab is a calculator that can calculate so many complex solutions of mathematics. You have various options for the multiple graphs, polar graphs, values and slopes, roots, and more.

It is above a scientific calculator with features like roots, exponents, logs, inverse functions, derivatives, percent mode, hyperbolic functions and more. So, geeks who love to study and have Einstein as their idol should install this application.

Download Graphing Calculator for Android ->here

4. HowStuffWorks



HowStuffWorks is basically a website based on tech niche and Discovery Communications have developed this application. So HowStuffWorkswill provides access to all the web articles, podcasts, and videos shared by the website.

This application is very helpful to the tech enthusiasts.



SimpleMind Free



5. SimpleMindFree Mind Mapping App

If your mind is building some ideas inside, then this application is going to help you a lot. Save your ideas on this application by mapping or creating structures of your ideas and then saving them.

Our mind encounters so many ideas daily and we forget the idea soon. So, soon an awesome idea arrives into your mind, launch this application from your device and then start mapping ideas. Geeks! This one is an awesome application for you.

Download SimpleMind for Android->here


Some important Android Application, you might like to have it:

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