[3 Reasons] You Should Use Signal as WhatsApp Alternative in 2023

Why are people looking for WhatsApp alternatives?

Recently, WhatsApp has changed its Privacy Policy and that is not convincing for users. As per the new privacy policy, your data is no longer safe and they can use it for their Business gain.

Notably, recently, WhatsApp has rolled out the Payment system in some countries. (If you are using the WhatsApp app for payment, consider using the WhatsApp locking app to secure your account.)

Elon Musk (World’s Richest Person), tweeted and asked people to use Signal over WhatsApp.


This is not the first time Elon Musk takes a dig at Mark Zuckerberg and his companies like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Since that time, Signal is the new buzz in the technology world, and coming it as one of the great alternatives to the private messenger.

Signal as WhatsApp Alternative

Here are three main reasons you should consider moving from WhatsApp to Signal as a messaging app.

1. Signal is Non-Profit and Secure

Unlike WhatsApp, Signal is maintained and developed by a non-profit organization.

Whereas WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. It is known for data mining and using user data for business gain. Your data is no longer private to you, for sure.

When it comes to Signal, it is running on public donations.

2. Signal is Safe to Use

The signal is a safer place to message. Even UK politicians made their transition from WhatsApp to Signal as their primary app for messaging.

Facebook uses your WhatsApp data for advertisement. Facebook read your data, analyzes it, and shows the relevant ads. This way Facebook is helping advertised to promote their product.

3. Business Model over WhatsApp

As Signal is run by public donations, it does not deal with any kind of ads.

WhatsApp keeps money before the user. Their model is to leverage user data to make more money.

WhatsApp is popular and has a huge user base. It might take time for Signal to get there. But for sure, this is alarming for Facebook Owned WhatsApp. If they don’t mitigate and act on user data privacy, Signal is the new future.

What do you think about considering Signal as WhatsApp Alternative? Let me know your thought in the comment.

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