10 Must-Have Features for Food Delivery App Development

Post pandemic, there has been a massive growth in food delivery apps. With the help of the food delivery app, customers now order food online from the comfort of their homes and get it delivered right at their doorsteps in a few minutes. 

In this scenario, most business owners want to develop their business app for food delivery. 

As a food delivery business, you must be aware of the features that must be present in a food delivery app. 

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You can connect with a food delivery app development company to integrate must-have features into your app. 

In this post, we will be discussing the must-have features of the food delivery app

Key Features To Consider While Developing A Food Delivery App

When you plan to develop a food delivery app for your business, it is essential that you know about the features that you need to implement in the app. 

1. Registration & Profile Creation 

Whether you want to develop a food delivery app or any other app, an essential feature that must be implemented first is the registration and profile creation module. This helps your user to get registered with the app by feeding basic details like name, mobile number, and e-mail address. 

On the other hand, in profile creation, you have to add the choice of food, your address, your photo, and your address so that it can be saved for future references. 

2. Searching for Food

This module should have flexibility where users can browse restaurants and select their favorite foods. The food delivery app UI should be designed in such a manner that users can choose the food they want to order from their favorite restaurant. 

3. Reviewing The Restaurant Profile 

Most of us, while ordering our food online, look for restaurant reviews. We order food from the restaurant having good ratings and are listed at the top of the list. On the other hand, there should be features where users can review the restaurant profile after having the food. 

4. Adding Food To Cart & Scheduling Order

When developing a food delivery app, there must be features where users can select their favorite food and add them to the cart. 

There are few apps available in the market where users can add the food to their cart and proceed with the order. 

5. Making Payment for the Ordered Item

Once the customer has selected their food and added the items to their cart, they can now proceed with the payment. 

Food delivery apps should implement a secure payment feature through which users can make their payments through multiple resources like Debit Card, Credit Card, or digital wallets. 

6. Providing Delivery Person Contact Information

After the user has placed the order, there should be features providing the delivery person’s contact information. This helps the user to contact them and take a live update of their order till it reaches their doorsteps. 

7. Tracking in Real-Time

Food delivery apps should have a feature of tracking their order in real-time. When a user books their order online, they can track their order from being prepared till the order arrives at their doorstep; all these activities can be tracked online through the food delivery app. 

Through real-time tracking, users can get the estimated delivery time, which reduces the anxiety of waiting for the delivery. 

8. Reviewing Previous Order History

Sometimes users want to order the same order which was done previously. In this case, there should be certain features where users can review their previous order and repeat the same order. This helps in saving time from browsing your favorite food and restaurant from where you have to order. 

9. Rating the Food & Delivery Partner 

Users should have features to rate the food and delivery partner according to the user experience. It is a way through which you can help another user to know about the food and the delivery time according to the experience you had.

10. Additional Features 

Implementing additional features make your app more emerging and user-engagement. Some features like offers, promos, and push notification features can add extra benefits to your app.

When your customers are using the app for longer, it is your responsibility to provide some offers and promos on food items. This will help your customers to build trust in the app and use it in the long term. These simple marketing tips for your food business can help you to boost your business.

Integrating push notifications in the app will help your users to know about the new updates and offers or any products which have newly arrived in the market. Through push notification, they get the notification on their home screen and visit the app, which can give additional profit to your business. This is one of the mind-blowing business development strategies.


To conclude the topic, developing a food delivery app for your business in this competitive market is not an easy task. 

You need to implement all the food delivery app development features, which is essential in today’s market. 

The user is tech-savvy and wants to get all the latest features in the app they are using.

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