10 Best Business Development Strategy I followed for My Successful Enterprise

What are the most effective Business Development Strategies?

To lead a venture is necessary to have a good business strategy to become part of the corporate routine. Not all companies bother to create this strategy, which may delay the progress and the consequent success of them.

10 Winning Business Development Strategies

So, whether you’re at home or with your business up and running, we separate the 10 fundamental tips below.

Tip: Going through this complete tips, you will learn to write your own business development strategy.

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1. Have a strategic planning

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The strategic plan should be the basis of any business before leaving for the execution itself. That’s because, without clear goals and the definition of all the steps to achieve them, the company can suffer through mistakes and waste time and money.

What are the different business development strategy and planning you need?

For you have a strategic plan, a document describing the following items:

Market analysis: trace a profile of your customers and the characteristics of the location of your installation business.

Marketing planning: plan all actions of disclosure of your business, both in traditional and digital means.

Operational planning: describe how your product or service will be marketed and what will be the number of employees and equipment that you need to work.

Financial planning: calculate investments to be made, fixed expenses and sporadic, working capital, payment of employees, revenue, in addition to billing targets and profit.

Social planning: You can not develop your business without going social. You need proper planning for handling your social media.

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2. Make a mapping of competition

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You need to know in depth its competitors, but that doesn’t mean they are your enemies. Know your products and services, as they make the disclosure, how they interact with customers and how they innovate.

You have to understand your competitor’s marketing strategy.

You don’t have to necessarily copy all good ideas, but this mapping can serve as the basis for creating their own innovations and even provide a higher quality service in comparison to the competition. Innovate where competitors fail.

3. Create clear goals

The business strategy only works with goals. After all, all you’re planning should be focused on them.

Have clear goals in the short, medium and long term — and in each Department of the company, it is essential for you to be able to measure if their actions are being effective or whether to plan for them again.

It is also important to master a method of improvement to hit targets with regularity and the Six Sigma is an efficient tool to this end.

4. Develop sound financial management

There are many entrepreneurs who are brilliant in time of creating and selling their products. The bad news is that if they do not have sound financial management, the probability of break is great.

Sound financial management starts with good financial planning — what has already been described in the first tip. Therefore, if you are in red, you need to stop now and rearrange your cash flow. Create a working capital, analyze what can be saved and work with goals of increasing revenues.

Currently, there are simple spreadsheets that you can control all the input and output values and even make future predictions.

5. Learn to negotiate with their suppliers

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Many times, so you save the most and cut most of the costs, it will take great bargaining power with its suppliers. This is an important strategy that can generate great results.

If the company is organized, a good tip is to carry out the great shopping with payments to view. This opens the possibility to ask for a bigger discount and acquire the necessary materials at a lower cost — yielding a higher profit margin.

6. Empower your team to

Most of the new startup fail because of poor leadership experience. To improve your business and sales you need special leadership skills and strategies.

Good leadership translates into a team qualified to perform the duties. The more you work alone at the beginning of the project will arrive one hour will need to grow up and build a team.

Promote recycling courses for your team, encourage her to participate in events in the area and promote the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Right employee engagement activities can double your profit.

Employee Engagement Activities

You heard it right. Keep your employees to brainstorm ideas.

7. Focus on your customer

Meet your customer is fundamental to your company thrive. But, it is not enough to just have a target audience defined there at the beginning of the business.

Over time, with market research and surveys among customers themselves, you can meet him deeper and create a persona: a model of the client that adds features that most of their customers have.

Trace an age profile, purchasing power, consumption habits, interests, profession, marital status, the fear, the pain, the wishes and dreams of their customers. From there, it becomes much easier to approach and offer you customized products and services.

Start writing blogs to help and to assist your customers. Find the business purpose behind your blog.

8. Practice networking

Don’t be immersed only in your work environment. Meet people and form a network of contacts is very important for the entrepreneur. That well-known phrase “who is not seen, is not remembered” is true in the business world.

So, have a life in society, move around the trade fair sector Participates. Go to cafes and cowering. Talk about your venture and look at the other people. Large partnerships can arise and great sales from there.

9. Stay up-to-date

Educator Blogs for Students for self improvement

Keep up to date in relation to your work area and market, in General, is essential for you to succeed in your business.

Even if the time is short, be sure to separate a period to participate in lectures, seminars, and events. Also stay tuned to news and do courses or distance learning, which provides greater flexibility.

Find different and unique profitable business ideas.

10. Balance to your life

Undertake is not easy, especially when it is at the beginning. Are many overtime and long weekends (and holidays) in pursuit of the realization of the entrepreneurial dream.

But, keep in mind that there’s no point you give up all your life on behalf of the career and forget the other parties, such as family, friends and your own health.

So, the final strategy is this:

  • Spend some quality time with your family.
  • Go and have fun with your family and friends.
  • Eat well and do physical exercises.
  • Set aside a time to do things you like, such as listening to music, reading a book or practice some hobby.
  • Sleep well.


Try different aspects where your business can grow. Find out which one works best for you. Focus on it.

Now that you know the 10 top tips of business development strategy. Start to deploy them in your enterprise. If you liked the tips and want to share them with your friends, share this post on social networks.

Happy Business!

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