5 Most Profitable Online Unique Business Ideas during Corona Crisis

Who does not dream of having their own business and making a lot of money without leaving home?

Best of all, without having to invest a lot of money.  Well know that the internet offers several options, just choose the business that best fits your profile.

We are all going through this pandemic corona crisis that has affected our living financially.

That’s why the goal of many youngsters in today’s dynamically competitive business environment is to start up some online business ideas to help and flourish them as much as possible.

5 Profitable Online Unique Business Ideas during Corona Crisis

Here are top online profitable businesses to consider!

  1. Creation of Blogs

This is currently one of the most profitable online unique business ideas on the internet. You’ve probably seen a lot of successful bloggers making lots of money in the middle.

How many times have you ever wondered how they can bill with a web page? In fact, the profit is in the ads that appear on the page. When the user clicks, the webmaster is already winning.

In addition, today many bloggers bill high promoting products from other companies, brands, and even ordinary people, all through the Affiliate Program, as we’ll see later.

But the first step is to seek a niche market that is profitable and at the same time bring you personal satisfaction.

If you want to make money from blogging, you should follow the blogging trends. It makes you find which blogging niche has more money.

This is because motivation is very important to succeed in following the digital marketing strategies needed to generate blog traffic and succeed in the online business market.

When it comes to digital marketing, it is important to point out that it is a process that requires planning and time. It is essential that the niche of your choice is a topic that you have a certain domain of interest so that this experience is not monotonous and tiring. This ensures greater ease to deal with matters relating to the blog.

In addition, you need to study hard the market and the audience with whom you will work on the blog. Some successful digital ventures deal with topics related to diet, fitness, cooking, beauty, business, etc.

Moreover, if you are new to blogging, here are the blogging tips shared by Aniruddha.

  1. Creating Videos for the Internet

Video Marketing Tips to Boost Conversion Rate

The first step to putting together a good video is to plan and set an interesting subject and research its details. Content must be original and relevant to attract the attention of the audience. Organize the structure of the video as if it were a movie script, with beginning, middle, and end. The idea is to put everything on paper so the ideas become clearer.

The creation of videos for the Internet is one of the most profitable digital businesses today, this is because Internet users access millions of videos daily on YouTube. This channel is even more famous for displaying recordings. A good tip is to see other videos that deal with the subject you want to address.

Observe which are the most viewed and inspired. It can be funny videos, tutorials, courses, etc. The more creativity and skill you have in creating videos, the better your publication performance will be. Making videos with images and audio is also a good option to grab the attention of visitors.

Another trend in internet business is to develop animated institutional videos to display products, a theory, or a concept with creativity and relevance. For this, you just need to familiarize yourself with animation programs to create good videos of dissemination.

With the video, you can promote the product to sell.  This comes under video marketing tips to increase the conversion rate and sell products.

  1. E-Commerce

Why to shop Online

One more idea of digital business is to open a virtual store to sell trending products over the internet. There are currently also virtual franchises that allow you to have your own business with a low investment.

But if you do not want to risk investing in a top-tier venture, you can open a virtual store for FREE.

First, select the products you want to market and develop an online catalog. Organize photos and product descriptions to make the page more complete and attractive to users.

It is essential to provide enough data about the product and the delivery methods. Be specific in determining store content to gain space in this e-commerce marketplace.

Like other online businesses, it is a competitive market that requires well-defined strategies for the entrepreneur to achieve their goals for sale. Remember to plan to achieve your goals.

  1. Infoproducts

Boost Business Productivity

Have you heard of infoproducts?

This is one of the most popular digital businesses on the internet. They are products made based on the knowledge of a certain theme.

Usually specializes in a certain market area that dominates a subject related to your business expose your ideas through courses and lectures.

That way they provide relevant content to help others. The possible formats to be created are E-book, Online Courses, Podcasts, etc.

Even if the person is not a trained specialist in the area that intends to act can share knowledge and life experiences.

For example, if you satisfactorily master the topic of “Tax Planning” or “Personal Finance”, simply create an educational product in a didactic way aggregating all your knowledge. But your knowledge does not have to be so deep, for example, you can be an expert in cooking, guitar, makeup, among other activities.

So, if you sell 1 access per day, in 30 days you will have billing of $1200 and so on.

The advantage is that there are millions of people in the world in search of this content, so you can collaborate with many families and still be paid for it.

The creation of info about products is today one of the most lucrative digital businesses of the internet.

  1. Affiliate Program

make money website

Anyone who works with blogs knows that this is one of the most profitable digital businesses on the internet.

Understand an affiliate as a digital sales promoter.

It uses Digital Marketing strategies to capture customers and redirect them to partner sites. Thus, the webmaster receives a commission for each sale that he indicates.

For this you need to integrate some kind of affiliate program, there are several platforms, which have a diverse category of offers. This partnership takes place for free, just register on the site and start promoting.

Some other ways you can opt to make money online:


With an internet presence, you have access to millions of potential customers around the world without printing, postage, or telephony costs! But do not be fooled, just like any other business the affiliate program also requires a lot of planning and organization.

The advantages of this business are that you can get it part-time and also on a minimal budget.

In addition, you can deal with customers in any geographic region without leaving the front of your computer.

Start by building some example sites to showcase your talents to potential customers. Offer some maintenance plans or even a hosting service to generate recurring revenue and make the business grow.

That’s all from me. These are online business ideas. It means you can execute them even in this pandemic corona crisis. What are the other profitable online unique business ideas you know or working on it? Let us know in the comment section.

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    I remember this quote “If you don’t have a business online, you will be out of the business”. It sounds so correct now.

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