12 Legit Ways to Make Money Online from Home with Low Investment

Earning money by doing some work online is a concept that has been out for years. But, is to earn money online that easy?

The answer is no.

You need to work hard and have to be dedicated towards it. It’s not that hard too, you just need proper sense and time.

Here is Easy way to earn money online

Legit Ways to Make Money Online

Here are the top 12 ways which will help you to earn money online.

1. Monetize (Blog/Website)

If you own a blog or a website and update it regularly with quality content, get a lot of visitors then monetization would be a great option for you to earn money online.
Some Monetization Ad Networks :

  • Adsense
  • Buy-Sell Ads
  • Chitika
  • Infolinks and lots more…

You can make sites on any niche of your interest. Suppose I am interested in iPhones so I can create a blog on iPhone tricks, iPhone apps, etc.

2. Review Products

Create a blog, and review your favorite products or the ones famous/trendy in the market. In the content of your review add your affiliate link of the product. Best examples of Affiliate Site is Amazon.

For example, I have reviewed a product which I use on a daily basis you can check out this website: MagicSubmitterDiscount.com.Where I have reviewed a great product called magic submitter which lets you rank your blog quickly.

3. Write reviews

Well if you don’t want to open up your own blog it’s totally fine, there are several sites on the internet that allow you to write review’s on products and in turn, give you certain commission or some percent of their ad generated revenue. Review websites, Review stream.

4. Earn money online From Twitter

There are several websites which pay to tweet advertisements. You get paid based on the clicks Twitter Advertisement. You can checkMyLikes.com for more information to earn from twitter.

In an upcoming blog on PCSkull.com, you can find How does it take just 20 min to earn Rs.1500/- from twitter.

5. Earn  Money Online From Facebook

There are several websites which pay to post advertisements on Facebook. You get paid based on the clicks. All you need is a big Facebook page. Facebook Advertisers likes to invest cash on big pages.

If you are studying in school and want a money-making resource, this is good way. Many of the school, blocked Facebook access. So here you can find a list of school proxy sites which will help you to unblock Facebook on your school’s computer.

6 Earn money online from Instagram

Apart from Twitter and Facebook, we can earn money from Instagram. Ther are more than 300 million users are there. It is a great platform for fashion designer, politician, celebrity, a publication for posting images and to aware people about their brand. So there is a wise opportunity to make money online.

Read 5 money-making approved Instagram tricks, this we help you add bucks in your account.

7. Shorten URLs

Shorten your URLs using URL shortener and earn from visitors you redirect. Some Url Shorteners are Adf.ly, Adfocus.us, Linkbucks, etc. URL shorteners don’t pay too much but if you can make thousands of people click your link then you can earn a lot.

8. YouTube Videos

Create your own unique videos and upload them to YouTube. Apply to monetize your videos and start to earn money online from Adsense once approved your monetization is approved.

9. Guest Post

If you have great content writing skills then apply to certain websites which pay you per article you write. Start Guest Posting on websites. You may earn from 5$ to 2000$ depending on the quality of your article.

10. Freelancing

If you have a lot of spare time along with some talent, some knowledge than you can get any work, become a freelancer. You can check freelancing sites like Elance.com, Freelancher.com

11. Suggest Domains

This is a really interesting way to earn money online. Many of the people are not aware of this trick. Become a domain expert, suggest domain names to people and earn money. You can use this website (Pickydomains.com) to suggest domains to needy peoples.

12. Review WordPress Themes & Plugins

Well if you know about WordPress and its themes & plugins then you should definitely review WordPress themes & plugins. In the review itself include affiliate links either from ThemeForest or any other affiliate website. If someone purchases a product from your affiliate link, you can earn money online in terms of percentage.

Final Words

These are the legit ways to make money online from home. You can start right now without much investment.

Many people are making passive income from some of the above methods to earn money online. Good Luck. Please share your views/experience/comments and some more suggestions.

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