5 Best Android Vehicular Combat Games You Must Try

What are the best Android Vehicular Combat Games?

Everybody loves car racing games and adding combat with it is cherry on top. These games are filled with superb car action and awesome weapons.

Combat racing games were previously available on PC and gaming consoles. As Android apps are getting more popular, these types of games are also available for Android smartphones.

Now you can play combat racing games anywhere and anytime.

game mechanics for engaging with your app

Car combat games are fun to play, and these games on Android contain different tracks to choose from, you can also choose from different tracks, weapons, and environments.

We have listed the top 5 best Android vehicular combat games that you should try in 2018.

1. Demolition Derby Real Car Wars:

Get ready for the battle in Demolition Derby Real Car Wars, this game will let you drive your derby style cars in a dusty arena like real derby car racing. You can also perform stunts during the extreme racing and speed drift racing. Racing in a dusty arena is a great idea and with the missiles and stunts, you can be sure that you will get the best entertainment from this game.

Destroy your opponent using missiles and win the epic racing battle in the high paced derby racing. With different cars to unlock, missiles, stunts you can never be bored of the game and every time you will get the new environment to play the game.

2. Death Race ® – Killer Car Shooting Games

Straight from the Death Race Movie, Death Race ® – Killer Car Shooting Games will bring you everything from car battles, fast-paced racing, killer opponents to fuel your inner death racer.

Choose between different cars to race and equip them with extreme weapons.

Different weapons that you can choose are missile launchers, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, and many more. You can also get different power-ups that you can use to your advantage. With all the upgrades and modifications, you will crush your enemies in no time.

3. Death Racing Rivals 3D

Take part in extreme death racing in Death Racing Rivals 3D. Shoot opponents with different weapons and with this brutal racing game. With realistic 3D graphics, take over the city, snow, and desert roads. Loaded with different lethal weapons like rocket and bullets this game will give you a thrilling experience.

You can also choose from different vehicles according to your choice to win this race of death. With fast speed and dangerous enemies, this extreme racing game is very difficult to conquer, but you can use dangerous weapons from your arsenal to win this extreme racing.

This is highly rated as one of the best Android vehicular combat games.

4. Clash For Speed:

First on our list is Clash For Speed, which is a 3D vehicular combat racing game. Racing takes place on 5 different planets; these planets have their own unique environment.

The unique feature of these games is that you can build your own custom track with different obstacles. With having a custom track builder, you are not bound to play the same levels over and over again. Clash for Speed is fun to play combat racing game there are lots of things to try, like when building a custom track you can add different obstacles according to the difficulty you wish to set with the vehicles and weapons modification.

Features of Clash For Speed:

  • Different levels to keep the excitement going.
  • The garage where you can upgrade the car and even buy a new one.
  • Weapons upgrade using the coins collected.
  • 3D track boulder.

5. Overload – Multiplayer Cars Battle

Overload – Multiplayer Cars Battle is a multiplayer death racing game. This game contains 3 different game modes which are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the point.

In deathmatch, you will play against 5 other players in this mad racing game. In Team Deathmatch, you will be playing a 3v3 battle to win the game. And in the capture, the point players have to take control of the arena.

You can choose between different vehicles to compete in this deathmatch. You can also customize the cars using the skill points and chips that you get while playing the game.

Some other Popular Android Apps:


A lot of emerging technologies are coming into gaming.

The vehicular combat racing video games are the favorite genre of gaming amongst gamers. With all the mayhem and chaos going these games are loved by everyone. These games contain different vehicles, many weapons, and different environment which gives users different experiences every time.

You can play these best Android vehicular combat games without any cost. Now we can destroy any number of vehicles while racing. 😀

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