9 Best Task Manager Android App to Get Done More in Less Time

What are the best Android To-Do list apps?

Do you frequently curse your smartphone for wasting your time?

If so, then stop blaming your smartphone for every moment of time you have spent aimlessly, as it can help you do some productive things as well.

After all, you don’t have a choice to get rid of it, because the modern tech-powered lifestyle has made its use compulsory for you.

If you are interested in being smart with your smartphones, then do consider using the top to-do list apps for Android.

All you need is to install a task manager android app that suits your need. And you are all set on the way to lead an organized and well-disciplined life.

Best To-Do List Android Apps

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Now, let’s make your task easier. Here is the list of best to-do list apps for Android which is fit for the individual as well as organizational purposes.

9 Best Task Manager Android App

1. Google Keep

Google Keep is one of the most straightforward to-do list Android app that one can use. It comes with various features like the setting of tasks, creating reminders and setting deadlines.

The app not only allows users to make checklists but also set the tasks in an elaborative manner.

One of the striking features of Google Keep is that it enables the uploading of documents and pictures.

Therefore, one can keep track of things in a documentary form while working on a group project.

Well, such a feature is not suitable for maintaining evidence only. It also allows sharing of various pictures for fun or just to entertain the folks out there.

Download Google Keep

2. Trello

Are you a startup or someone running a small business entity?

If so, then an app like Trello is indeed your need.

Notably, business owners who remotely lead a team must use this app to keep track of things.

The best thing about Trello is not necessarily its to-do list features. You will always find such tools in these sorts of apps.

What makes Trello unique is its card system that makes monitoring of progress an easy thing.

For example, the division into tasks to-do, today’s work, in-progress, to-be-completed work, and completed tasks categories helps to sort out different parts of a project.

One can rename the groups according to the nature of the project.

Users can also upload files on Trello. Therefore, it proves to be a complete management solution for an enterprise rather than merely a to-do list app.

Download Trello

3. Todoist

Here comes something which is must try-out for youngsters. The unique thing about Todoist is its Karma feature.

Apart from tools that enable the setting of deadlines and creating to-do lists, this cool app for android rewards points on completion of various tasks.

Many people agree that the reward system has proved itself as a successful strategy for making people do something in their lives.

Karma feature also works more like on principle of favorite smartphone video games. Like gamers spend hours only to see a great scoring board.

Therefore, Todoist is a great app as it uses a unique reward system for making them complete their daily basis tasks.

Download Todoist

4. Google Now

Google io15 announcement Google Now On Tap

Google Now is not exactly a to-do list app. But, its intuitive and straightforward design caters to what people need the most.

For example, many of you who are concerned about meeting their short-term goals might be interested in setting reminders.

Here, Google Now comes to rescue.

The app dishes merely out notifications on screen when necessary and also uses the history to remind users about important deadlines.

Google Now, is the perfect to-do list app for users who are interested in accomplishing daily basis assignments.

5. Asana

Again we have an app that fits best the needs of organizations and businesses.

To elaborate on the striking features of Asana, let’s talk about a common communication problem that organizations have to face.

Very often team members discuss new plans and things but can’t successfully incorporate them, into new tasks.

Asana acts as a platform where team members address various issues, just like they do it on a forum.

Hence, it helps in keeping track of new changes made through some universal consensus.

In this way, Asana allows flexibly changing tasks and deadlines according to ever-changing plans.

The rest of the features of Asana like setting the tasks and deadlines are just like other contemporary apps.

Download Asana

6. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a to-do list app which is excellent for collaborative purposes. It is as cool as Todoist but rich in features that facilitate multiple users.

Who can use this app?

Students and youngsters who work on various projects and need to assign tasks to different team members must consider using Wunderlist.

Users can also upload files, pictures and motivational quotes to keep the team’s morale high while working on a particular project.

This to-do list app also enables sharing of thoughts and opinions in the form of comments.

Therefore, it acts as a platform for facilitating the collaborations.

Users can avail free as well as premium features of Wunderlist. They can go for premium features depending upon the level of partnerships they need.

Please find this app on play store to download.

7. Habitica

It is a fact that youngsters are more likely to use a game rather than a to-do list app.

All they need is to tap the screen for getting some points and gold.

And, what if they get those points and gold by completing some real-life tasks?

Yes, Habitica uses a unique system to motivate users to accomplish their to-do lists.

But, the efficacy of the process depends on how much a person is honest.

So, once a user completes a to-do list task, he/ she gets the point or gold.

Habitica is also a fantastic app for those who are committed to change some bad habit.

Download Habitica

8. TickTick

Most of the motivational speakers and mentors, they ask their followers to become disciplined, focus on prioritizing of tasks into different categories.

For instance, two broad types in this regard include urgent and necessary functions.

Users who sort out their to-do lists by priority succeed in doing important things first and meeting the deadline.

The app TickTick works on the same principle.

It enables users setting their to-do lists in the order of priority.

It also allows users to choose between the making of checklists and setting of the tasks in an elaborative manner.

9. Evernote

It would be better to term Evernote as a record-keeping app instead that to-do list app.

With its features, it is more like Google Keep.

The app allows the making of checklists, setting of tasks in an elaborative manner, keeping notes, setting reminders, uploading pictures and saving voice memos.

Briefly. Evernote is a complete management solution at an individual level.

Download Evernote

Some of the best Android app list:

These are all the best task manager Android app. Which application do you use for managing your daily task and todo list?

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