7 Best Speed Reading Apps Android iOS | Secret for Reading 100 Books a Year

What are the best Speed Reading Apps for Android and iOS?

If you are poor at reading and take it longer to finish an article or a story, then you must use speed-reading Apps to speed up your reading. These best speed reading apps Android will definitely improve your reading skills and save your time. So now you can get done with lengthy text and save your precious time.

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best speed reading apps android

Speed reading is one of the top secret behind people reading 100 books in a year.

Best Speed Reading Apps Android:

Below are some productive speed reading Apps that can take your reading skills to the next level:

1. Speed Reader:

This is one of the most prominent apps for reading anything quickly. However, you must know that this app is based on the method called “Rapid Serial Visual Presentation” which allows you to read the entire text without moving your eyes across.

You will have to just stick your eyes to the center of your gadget’s screen. It is the most effective app to let you read any sort of text quickly. Therefore, you must consider using it for enhancing your reading ability.

2. Fast Reader:

This app enables you to read various kinds of texts without any hassles. With this fantastic app, you can easily read 1000 word per minute. It comes with a customized reading speed to set your pace. This app makes it possible to read huge text simpler and easier.

3. Sprint:

As its name suggests, this app accelerates the reading process. It makes reading the huge text a walk in the park. With this app, you can speed up your reading to 400-700 words per minute. The interface os this app is quite intuitive and anybody can also use it without any glitch. It features an awesome clipboard where you can copy any text and click on the button to start reading it.

4. Read Faster:

People who have ordinary reading skills can benefit from this useful app. It not only increases your reading speed but also improves your reading ability. This app consists of RSVP’s technology which improves your concentration. It also makes sure that reading quality does get compromised which is why it is one of the best speed reading apps Android and iOS for many writing professionals.

5. Bal to Speed Reading:

You will find both paid and free version of this useful App. This app supports all types of file including epub, fb2, HTML, doc, txt, zip, pdf to name a few. Both versions of this app can make it significantly easier for you to read any text.

It also consists of supportable languages such as German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Czech, Italian, English and French.

6. Spreeder: (Web Tool)

You will find some superb features in this app that include training course for speed reading, social media sharing facility and a tool which will enhance your reading speed. It also has a cloud-based library that enables you to sync various devices and put your all documents accessible.

It also has a simple personal dashboard that enables you to track your overall progress and share it with your friends.

7. Outread (For Apple User):

It is a fantastic App for improving your speed-reading ability. It enables you to manage your reading list. You can also configure your reading speed in this exciting App. It also has the functionality to prevent sub-vocalization which may come in your way to improve your reading fast ability. It is very easy-to-use and even layman who is not tech-savvy can use it without much problem.

Other Listed BEST Apps:

These best speed reading apps Android and iOS are some of the best tools to that can accelerate your reading. If you know more apps, let us know in the comments section. You can also write about your experience using these apps.

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