4 Best Free Android Spy Apps to Download with Awesome Features

What are the Best Free Android Spy Apps?

Want to spy using your Android smartphones or tablet? On the off chance that this sentence rings around 70% valid then you will love to check out the apps listed in this article. In some cases there is a sure should be hyper-watchful. Whatever the reason is (we trust it’s not unlawful), these awesome applications will help you accomplish your stealthy objectives in style.

Android apps are getting more popular day-to-day.

The applications listed in this article are all free and as you most likely are aware there are dependably confinements when you get something for nothing. These Free spy applications for Android are for the individuals who want to spy on their child or wife smartphone.

Download Free Android Spy Apps

These are incredible free Android spy apps helping you to keep your eyes on their activities. Majority of apps we have tried were performed well and did what we have expected from them.

Incredible  Free Android Spy Apps:

Check them below.

1. Spy Message

SPY Message Android App download

Do you send spy messages and stress over somebody hacking them in transit? Well, dread no more operator Smith, as Spy Message will communicate them safely.

This app is available on Google play store, and in the event that you are utilizing an Android smartphone, there is a decent shot that you as of now are one. The straightforward interface makes it very simple to send and get spy messages.

Some of the time you can’t show messages to another person. For instance, in the event that you are arranging a weekend party with your buddies and doesn’t need your life partner to know, Spy Message will be a lifeline.


  • Easy to utilize yet slick interface.
  • Message time bomb detonates messages after a specific time constrain.
  • Altered companion list takes into consideration add up to control.
  • You really feel like a spy when sending mystery messages.

2. Ear Spy: Super Hearing

Ear Spy Super Hearing Android app

As the name suggests, this useful app makes you’re listening to significantly more open. It basically takes sound and sound in from the mouthpiece and after that enhances it to make it louder and clearer.

We tried this application and it really works great. Aside from the activity and surrounding commotion botching up the sound stream, the application was astoundingly awesome. We could hear what others were talking over the corridor obviously.

This application won’t have the capacity to perform well when utilized as a part of a loud domain yet with cell phones with directional mouthpieces, the input is not that repulsive. The application works with Bluetooth headsets too so in the event that you leave your cell phone in another room, you can plainly listen to what is going on.


  • Instinctive and simple to utilize interface.
  • Looks truly expert and cool.
  • You can really have super hearing.

Free Android Spy Apps for Cell Tracking and Call Recording:

Let’s begin.

3. Cell Tracker

Cell Tracker Spy Android app

Cell tracker is a solid and exact cell phone spying apps. Introducing it on your cell phone will permit you to screen where you have been and what places you went to. This application proves to be useful when you are on a visitor essentially investigating.

Introduce this application on your youngsters’ cell phone and by the day’s end, you will have the capacity to see where they have been. Cell Tracker is not basically a spy application but rather it helps you monitor your representatives and youngsters.


  • Extremely essential interface.
  • An intuitive guide which is very precise.
  • Following by hour or days.

4. Automatic Call Recorder

Free Android Spy Apps for Call Recording

Now and again you should be set up for that one call. Programmed Call Recorder permits you to be constantly prepared to record discussions you hang on your cell phone.

Beyond any doubt, numerous cell phones accompany work in the recorder. However, it must be enacted and typically once the call is picked you should see the screen to begin recording.

With Automatic Call Recorder, it is very simple to record discussions and spare them safely in inner memory for future get to.


  • Runs discreetly out of sight.
  • Stores conversations by name or time.
  • Can spare discussions to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Android apps, you might be eager to know about. So we have listed top-notched Android apps of this year. This application got a huge response from the users. Why don’t you give it a try?


The greater part of the 4 free Android spy apps have some truly awesome features and support for almost all android phones. Let us know in the comment section below, how do you want to use spy apps on your phone?

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