5 Best Password Manager App for Android Phone

What are the best Android Apps to store the Password?

If you easily forget your online passwords and personal information, then you are not alone.

Most of us have a bunch to keep track of, and if you do things properly then the downside is that there will be lots of annoying capital letters and numbers in the mix.

It would be easier to have the same password for every account, but this is never a good idea. The solution is to get hold of a good password manager.

This guide explores some of the best Password Manager App for Android Phone.

This is only a modest selection – go to Play Store and you’ll find hundreds of options. Check out the user reviews.

1. aWallet Password Manager

password manager app for android - eWalletThis is one of the best-rated free password managers available at Google Play.

It is a simple app, but with enough features to make the management of your passwords easy and convenient.

The app comes with automatic password categories (such as computer logins, credit cards, e-shops, email accounts etc.), which makes it easier to track down the password you need at any given time, and you can also create your own custom categories.

Encrypted backup data files can be created, and there is an Auto lock feature which prevents future changes.

  • All data is encrypted (even category definitions)
  • Encryption available with 128, 192 and 256-bit key sizes
  • Supports Triple DES
  • Auto destruction of the data file after a predefined number of failed attacks
  • No internet access permission
  • No adverts

Download Password Manager App for Android -> Here

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2. Keeper Password & Data Vault

password manager app for android -Keeper Password & Data VaultKeeper is a free password manager available on Android smartphones and tablets, used by millions of people around the world.

It comes with more features and perks than lightweight password managers and makes use of world-class encryption technology.

In addition to storing your passwords, you can also store other private information, create new strong passwords with the password generator, and sync your info securely across trusted devices.

If you don’t mind paying a monthly subscription fee, you get the premium Keeper app, which comes with unlimited cloud storage, sync, and backup.

  • Secure sharing with trusted people
  • Control and edit sharing permissions
  • 256-bit AES data storage (military grade)
  • Two-step authentication

Download Password Manager App for Android -> Here

3. Last Pass

password manager app for android -Last PassThis is the mobile Android version of the award-winning desktop password manager.

It is highly rated for its simplicity, and for its ability to sync all your passwords across all of your different browsers and devices.

You can use the auto-fill feature for passwords and forms on special LastPass sits that you can manage.

This app is worth a look if you want something simple that can not only help to keep your passwords secure but make them easier to enter too.

Download Password Manager App for Android ->Here

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4. mSecure Password Manager

mSecure is a password manager and a password generator, so you can create new passwords for all of your new websites.

On the password manager app for android -mSecurewhole, this is app has lots of features for keeping your passwords protected, including the self-destruct mechanism which deletes your saved passwords if someone tries to guess then too many times.

There is also a group function to make it easy to highlight passwords from the group.

  • Mask sensitive fields
  • Over 270 icons
  • Share records via clipboard, SMS or email
  • Sync with Dropbox
  • mSecure browser for the quick online login

5. Password Safe

password manager app for android -Password SafeThis is one of the smaller, simpler, less flashy options available that can help you to keep all of your private and personal information safe.

All of your passwords, user accounts, and related information can be stored using the program.

To access everything, you need a master password. Data is stored on your device only, which is encrypted with the AES cipher.

This is a good option to consider if you want something nice and simple.

Download Password Manager App for Android -> Here

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