5 Easy Tips To Edit Your Gaming Videos

Video gaming started as just another hobby, and over the years, it has established itself as an acclaimed sport. Today, a good fraction of gamers take their sport seriously and turn to platforms like YouTube to learn the hacks of the game. Some of them watch these videos to mimic the action of the pros.  This has led to the widespread popularity of video games.

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As the gaming genre continues to gain rapid popularity on YouTube, several types of gaming videos have emerged. While some people review popular video games in their videos, others record themselves in action. Irrespective of the type of gaming videos that you wish to create, here are five tips that will help you edit your content.

How to Edit Gaming Videos?

1. Work on the Settings

Unlike other forms of video, the measures taken before the video capture will dictate the quality of the edits. The first step to creating gaming videos is to check the working of your PC. Ensure that your device can maintain an HD resolution of 1080p while filming at 60fps.  As far as possible, try to disable popups.

Avoid recording the audio while filming as that may affect your concentration and audio quality. Impromptu audio recording often results in slurs that cannot be removed at the later stages.

If you are recording yourself playing the game and wish to create a picture-in-picture look, make sure the room is well-lit. For the best results at the editing stage, avoid mixing light of different temperatures while recording yourself. The ideal situation is when you record yourself in a completely artificially lit setup.

2. Color Adjust the Content

The next step to creating quality gaming videos is to improve the visual appeal of your content. Instead of going for automatic color correctors, we recommend that you manually alter the contrast and brightness of your footage. That way you can increase the saturation and preview your selections to identify the best option.

For newbies, the brightness contrast combination of 30%/20% is a safe bet. You can also set it to 20%/15% if you do not intend to use advanced special effects in your gaming video. We recommend that for gaming videos you keep away from color grading and stick to a consistent approach. As a proactive measure, try to use the video editing tool to ensure that the white balance of your clips is balanced.

3. Trim Your Game Video

While recording a video, gamers often get carried away and end up with lengthy videos. The large file size makes it too heavy to upload on many social platforms. Moreover, with the dwindling attention span of the average internet user, there is a lack in the demand for lengthy videos.

As a crucial step of your game video editing, identify sections of the video that are monotonous and lengthy. Trim those sections out of the main content and rewatch the video. If your video is longer than 5 minutes, then you may want to slice it up into multiple sections and edit them into stories.

There are many video editing software. If you are looking for software to edit gaming videos, InVideo is the best choice. InVideo has an intuitive interface and lets you create and edit gaming videos from scratch. Moreover, there are thousands of template options. With access to a diverse media library, it is the best solution for any enthusiastic gaming video creator Having shorter stories helps to maintain user interest and fosters better retention.

You can come up with a posting schedule where you post the different subsections of the video at fixed intervals. This will keep your social media followers glued to your content, and they will subscribe to your page for more. This is one of the best tips I shared with everyone who wants to build an online presence for their brands.

While trimming your gaming videos, try to save the edited smaller files in mp4 format. This is one of the best video formats. Most editing tools support this format, and it is ideal for uploading to social media sites.

4. Add Transitions and Special Effects

If you are keen on impressive quality modifications, transitions and special effects are a must. While editing a gaming video, chances are that there are several parts to the video. Try to maintain consistency in the transitions between the scenes. If you have a gaming channel on YouTube, you can consider using similar transitions in all your videos. That way, you will develop an editing style, and people will relate it to your brand. This will promote brand visibility and contribute to your digital popularity.

Several video editing tools allow you access to the media library for stock images, graphics, GIFs, and stickers. You can experiment with these tools and use the media files to come up with an original gaming style. Understand that in the highly competitive world of video gaming, the authenticity of content is the highest valued asset of any content creator.

5. Add Audio to Your Gaming Video

The modern internet user has high expectations from video and will not appreciate content without video. While teaching a new skill or reviewing content, you can add your commentary in the form of voiceovers. If your marketing budget permits it, try to use a high-quality gaming headset while recording yourself. Most video editing tools capture microphone sound and accept audio input from multiple sources. You can then sync the voiceover to the visual.

If you run out of things to speak on, songs and instrumental music are a safe bet. When a video content has appealing background music, it helps set the theme for the gaming video. This sets the viewer in a good mood and improves their energy levels.

While adding music to your video, you need to check on the copyright of your content. While creating your music is an option, you can choose your music from a royalty-free library. Alternatively, you can reach out to any music creator and seek their permission to use a copyright-protected clip.

While the above tips will help you create gaming videos, the choice of editing tool is a decision-making factor. There are thousands of editing tools available, and you need to consider factors like cost, and ease of usage while making your selection accordingly.

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