Save Tree Save Earth | Students from NIT Trichy Bestows to save Mother Earth

How to save mother earth?

We celebrate Earth Day on April 22 every year and it’s 46th Earth Day. On earth day you can see, millions of tweets and the same amount of Facebook post just for campaigning #EarthDay.

But is that enough?

Definitely not! But there are still very few who delights their campaigning by endorsing physical activities and that really turns out mind-blowing. In this post we see one of such activity by techie, how does the group of students from NIT Trichy bestow to save Mother Earth…

But there are still very few who delights their campaigning by endorsing of physical activity and that really turns out mind-blowing. In this post we see one of such activity by techie, how does the group of students from NIT Trichy bestow to save Mother Earth…

How they come up with IDEA to Save Earth?

In NIT Trichy, there is a separate printing machine room that allows printing for all the Students. They have to get prints in a bulk, so identification of print copies for each individual comes with the challenge.

To identify the printing papers for an individual, they print one sheet for each student with Roll number of that student, leaving all space vacant on the sheet. Let’s take, there are prints for 1000 students daily. Around 1000 papers get wasted, by just printing roll number on it…

Looking for consideration, student club named Take a Leaf along with the group of students came with an idea, and that turns helping hands for the needy and protective action to save mother earth.

Group of NIT Students making NOETPADS by recycling paper to save mother earth

Save Earth Poster/Image: League for Environmental Awareness and Protection (Take a LEAP is a student club in NIT-Trichy)

What do They Transform to Save Mother Earth?

  • They collaborate with the Computer support group and octagon computer center where printouts are used to take by all the students.
  • They collect all A4 sheets which are left behind after printing such as the roll number sheets or unwanted one side printed sheets.
  • Punches set of forty sheets, threads and then tap to ensure sturdy notepads were made.  It is 500 NOTEPADS.
  • These notepads get distributed among needy Government schools or orphanages as per requirement.

NOTEPAD created by Recycling paper

They have led the way, they come up with an idea, they think over recycling the waste papers, just to ensure one step to save mother earth.

It sounds perfect to the theme of Earth Day. Really Impressive!

Just put Glance & see How Bizarre it is…

  • 324 liters of water requires for producing 1 kilogram of paper.
  • 10 liters of water is consumed just to make one piece of A4 paper.
  • To print a Sunday edition of the New York Times newspaper requires more than 75,000 trees!
  • With all the paper we waste each year, we can build a wall from New York to California that to 12-foot high wall!
  • We called it Electronic Revolution and thinks paper use will be less. But actual, fact is that paper demand is expected to be doubled up to the year 2030.

Today in electronic age we are stepping to go paperless. But we have still a long way to lose our dependency on paper. We can see the paper from the morning itself, somewhere in the corner bunch of papers wrapped in newspaper. The paper has invented as part of communication but today’s fact is quite different, it is going to be used more for packing.

A just month back I had ordered OTG cable. When I got delivery it has very baggy packing. Literary, I was just searching cable inside it. Earth Day is the perfect occasion to reaffirm our commitment to lead the nation to keep our planet clean, green & ensure sustainable development throughout…

Being Student, What you can Do for “Save Tree Save Earth”?

  • Recycle paper from waste.
  • Make notepad with unused waste papers.
  • Use electronic services like SMS, email for communication.
  • Being techie, use tablets (iPhone, Android), computer to save files and documents.
  • Encourage your college/office mates and buddies to put paper in recycle bin to recycle it.

Deforestation is one of the biggest environmental problems. As per statistic, 42% of wood harvesting is done to produce papers.

We are cutting down our life to give papers for our product, Isn’t it?

Just remember, We can save around 26,500 liters of water and 17 trees just by Recycling 1 ton of paper.

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Please do share with your friends. This small contribution from everyone can make the valuable difference to save mother earth! Also, feel free to use a comment section to share your views and opinion about “Save Tree Save Earth”.

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  1. Ajay Panth says

    thanks for appreciating our work we all will contribute our best to save our mother earth. and i hope more people will turn up and join hands for saving our nature.

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