3 Reasons | Why Social Media Privacy Issues Are Important To be Addressed

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We already know sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest already had a permanent monopoly on the social networking industry. With that, a wave of new social media sites has begun to spring up to meet the demand for heightened privacy.

What are the social media privacy issues?

How important is privacy in the grand scheme of things?

Is it enough to make someone leave one social networking site for another?

These are big concerns.

Well, if you consider the fact that Mark Zuckerberg recently stated that he wants Facebook to become more privacy-oriented.

It’s clear that even a company which has long been criticized for its lack of privacy is now admitting the error of its ways. They are also acknowledging the fact that privacy is the single most important feature for social media sites.

Social Media Privacy Issues

Following are the three Reasons Why Privacy is the Single Most Important Feature for Social Networking Sites.

1. Any Site That Doesn’t Care About Privacy Will Lose Users to a Site That Does

Just as Facebook dethroned MySpace, it’s quite possible that a new privacy-focused social networking site like Emenator could take a significant share of the market simply because it has its users’ best interests in mind.

There are many users who will be swayed by the promise of never having their personal information sold or shared.

Privacy and security are really the two differentiating factors that will set the next generation of social networking giants apart from the previous.

2. Good Cybersecurity Prevents Lawsuits

If a small business gets sued, the consequences might not necessarily be extremely dire.

But, when a social networking site faces a lawsuit, the potential financial and legal repercussions can be quite serious. Settlements regularly reach into the millions.

By providing the utmost protection of user privacy, a new wave of social media sites like Emenator are not only protecting their users but also themselves from the possibility of being sued due to common privacy concerns.

3. Staying Safe Online Means Staying Safe in the Real World

People used to think that cybersecurity and personal security were two separate issues. But in today’s world, the two are undeniably intertwined.

Look at today’s cybersecurity challenges.

If a criminal gains access to your social networking feed or other sensitive information that you share through social media, such as your location, plans for the day, and even whether you’re alone or on vacation, they can use those details to devise an underhanded scheme against you.

Thus, social networking sites that protect user data are not only making their interfaces more user-friendly and digitally safe, they’re also protecting people from being victimized by criminals in the real world.

Is Your Social Networking Account Putting You At Risk?

It is so important topic that you can write big easy or article on this topic. Excessive use of social media also impacts your mental health. Especially for kids, it can be so serious.

If you’ve just started to realize how important privacy is for staying safe with social media, you might be wondering if you’ve been taking the risk of having your information stolen or used against you.

You’re OK if you use a site like Emenator, but further research on cybersecurity as it pertains to social networking will help you gain a better understanding of how you can safely benefit from the web’s interconnectivity without putting yourself at risk.

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What’s your thought? Do you think social networking site concern about your privacy? Are we safe sharing our personal information on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?

Just share your thought about social media privacy issues with me in the comment section. I would like to hear from you.

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