10 Must-Have Apps in Your Mac | Free and Paid Includes

Any MacBook user can confirm, “Once you get a Mac, there’s no going back!”

Most of the people living in the generation of the internet at one-point wish to own and use a MacBook because of its sheer brilliance in configuration, infographics, and user experience.

It has few of the patent features which no other machines offer, making gadget-holics all the more hooked onto buying it.

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You might know how to force quit on mac but do you know how these apps would change your experience?

If you’re one of those tech-savvy MacBook owners, you must install the best free Mac apps very carefully in order to get the most out of your MacBook.

Even though there are many pre-installed and free Mac apps that come along with the gadget, you’ll be required to download or buy a few others for the benefit of your macOS.

Your MacBook has already been designed in a way that can support multiple tasks such as creative work, gaming, etc. Hence you should be well aware of pulling off various functions on the machine-like how to force quit on mac, how to restart the machine, how to schedule auto-updates, etc.

Paid and Best Free Mac Apps

If you really wish to turn your MacBook into a productive tool, here are 10 apps which you must have:

1. Amphetamine (free)

Ever faced the problem where your Mac screen kept going off to sleep while you were watching a YouTube video or a movie?

Well, this app will keep your screen on throughout the ongoing task. You can even use it with external displays; this app will keep your MacBook awake for an indefinite span of time.

2. Affinity Photo ($50)

Have you always wanted to get the perfect shot of the sunset and then get it edited on Adobe Photoshop before uploading it on your Instagram, but could never do it because you don’t know how to use photoshop?

That’s alright because not everyone is a professional. Affinity Photo from Serif is the best alternative.

It is user-friendly, easy to understand, and can be used by all photographers, professional or not, for editing pictures.

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3. Alfred 4 ($25 for premium)

Alfred is that app that will let you customize your MacBook according to your will. It is a theme editor also referred to as the ‘productivity powerhouse’ of the MacBook. You can –

  • Customize keyboard shorthand
  • Design commands and shortcuts
  • Build a desktop workflow
  • Manage clipboard history
  • Automate tasks

4. Appcleaner (free)

Keeping your MacBook away from unwanted apps is like securing its longevity. Many times, Mac users end up paying for apps which in time keep the machine distant from unwanted applications. However, Appcleaner is a donation-based app that does the same work for free.

5. Bartender 3 ($15)

What is better than a bartender who prepares the exact cocktail you’re looking for or an app which organizes the menu bar, creates shortcuts for every app being used through the menu bar?

With just $15, this app will let you configure keyboard shortcuts to every app that is being used on your MacBook.

6. Dropzone 3

This application is nothing but a shortcut tool which will allow you to do a bunch of tasks simultaneously, like:

  •  Copying and pasting quickly
  • Launching applications
  • Moving files
  • Sharing data
  • Using social media apps like Facebook and Twitter

7. Magnet ($2)

Almost everyone knows the pain of opening multiple windows at a time and getting our machines hung indefinitely. With Magnet, one doesn’t have to go through that hassle.

It is a multi-tasker that will let the mac user perform more than one function at a time whilst having several tabs open.

You can drag and snap multiple windows to the edge of the screen in a layout easily conceivable with Magnet.

8. Todoist ($3-$5 for premium)

Mac does have an in-built calendar app which can take note of your to-do list, but due to some reason, it comes out to be a little cluttered, according to popular belief.

Nonetheless, the ‘Todoist’ app is a perfect alternative with a neater presentation. It can add information directly from Slack and Alexa.

9. Tweetdeck (free)

Tweetdeck is a third-party app that categorizes information available from Twitter in vertical columns in a systematic manner ranging from the most unique, to the most informative piece of news available.

With this app installed on your MacBook, you don’t have to search for relevant tweets by looking up hashtags because they will be already filtered into the accounts and trends you follow.

10. VLC (free)

What purpose can a desktop actually serve if not provide a proper playback system? This app supports several file formats, including both audio and video.

It can also convert files into .mp4, .mkv or .avi according to your convenience. You can pick the best video format to convert.

These are the paid and best free Mac apps. Having these apps on your MacBook will rejuvenate your experience altogether and you’ll be happy to have made such a great purchase.

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