10 Reasons | Why Bounce Rate of Your Website is High?

How to reduce bounce rate of your website?

Bounce rate is one of the best tools to assess or examine the quality of the blog or the content.

As like many bloggers and content curators are struggling with high bounce rate.

Let’s find the high bounce rate reasons and why you should take care of.

high bounce rate reasons

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate in SEO can be defined as a number of readers that open a website and spend time on it through the help of search engine.

Increasing bounce rate means there is a problem in blog or content and should be fixed as soon as possible like changes in page layout or its design layout, change of keywords, target efforts, etc.

  • Lower Bounce Rate means your blog is performing well.
  • Higher Bounce Rate means your blog is not going well. There are some problems with your blog.

Every successful blogger has a blogging strategy. You should have one.

The decreasing bouncing rate is a quite difficult task. Bounce rate differs according to the type of blog or sites. The best way to decrease bounce rate is by having a proper blogging strategy.

10 High Bounce Rate Reasons

Here are high bounce rate reasons that you should follow to reduce the bounce rate.

1. Advertisement

The advertisement is good and helpful. Broadcasting of advertisements like sexual content or violence, scams can harm your blog and content. It is very important to have proper advertisement according to the theme of the content.

2. Presentation

Selection of theme, template plays a major role while presenting a blog. Readers are attracted by the visual display. WordPress provides thousand of themes and layout designs for the blog site pick according to the need of content. Original content with proper content details, simple designs, and minimum graphics helps the readers in concentrating on the blog.

The visual contents also increase traffic to your website.

To present your content, you should have a good writing skill.  There are many ways blogging improves your writing skill.

3. Loading Times

Readers go for sites that do not take time while loading. If your page consumes time while loading, you will lose visitors. It is an important criteria for a blogger. Taking help from SEO specialists and consultants is a better idea. Fast loading of the page also decreases the bounce rate.

4. Technology

Technology plays an important role as one of the high bounce rate reasons. Nowadays everyone is surrounded with technology so it is very important to have a mobile app/version for your site.

5. Utilize Keywords

Keywords are very important for SEO and for blogs. Target suitable keywords for the content so that the article is search engine friendly free. Unsuitable keywords will increase the bounce rate and will make your content inappropriate.

6. Kind of Articles

Interesting articles with a catchy title and simple content in an editorial style attracts the readers. The other important factor is the size of the content. An informative article can drive traffic even if you have short articles say with 500 words or below.

Create A Common Enemy to hook readers

It is not necessary to write an article very often. You should schedule your blog post. It is always beneficial to schedule post rather than publishing just after writing an article.

7. Links

If users use two pages at a time, the bounce rate does not make a count. Internal links help you in cross-selling and advertisement of your blog. It is another way to reduce bounce rate. Search engine consultants can help you for use of the link.

8. Utilization of Website

An organized content with proper tags and images, different categories makes the content watchful to read. It is very important to have a- header, body of page and footer for proper building up of the website.

9. Backlinks

It is very important to know about gateways to your site. It does reduce the bounce rate and improves SEO but sometimes it can be misused.

The backlink is one of the most useful strategies followed by the SEO specialist to rank the website.

Consult search engine specialists for keeping eye on the backlinks.

Spam links from other websites can be one of the high bounce rate reasons.

10. Popular Posts

Related and popular posts are considered to be a good option for bloggers as it too reduces bounce rate. If you have a high bounce rate, you can use the WordPress plug-in to show your old post below.


There are lots of blogging myths around. You can see lots of diversified contents in Google search. You have to find out what works for you.

Now it’s your turn…

What is another strategy do you follow to reduce website bounce rate? Let me know your thought in a comment.

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  1. Nimit Kumar says

    I agree with you, you cannot ignore the bounce rate. If bounce rate for your site is high then there are very fewer chances of getting ranking. Bounce rate directly means user doesn’t like your site due to the low-quality content or may be due user experience.

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