World Of SEO Has Changed: What works in the SEO today?

We all love Google and no matter how many of annoying and enthralling updates it swirls our way, we are going to adore it all along. Ever since the time when everyone accepted that Google is the industry giant, people figured out way how to trick the search engine and make their way to top. Then emerged Google updates like Panda and Penguin, and they changed the SEO world altogether.

SEO, now and Then:

Today, Search Engine Optimization is not what it used to be a few years ago. A couple of years ago, getting ranking using SEO services in Dubai was as easy as learning a few tricks within a week and you are set to go; now it is a whole new world.
Let us show you how the scenario has changed regarding SEO techniques, with a comparison of their previous and recent effect:

Keyword density:

Then: A few years back, keyword density of 5% was also considered viable. It was another name of keyword stuffing. The more you used the keyword, the higher you ranked!

Now: keyword stuffing or using the keyword in an unnatural way is definitely a bad practice. Using carefully selected keywords and using their variations is the right way of getting things done. If the keyword is used naturally and in the right place, using it even once will serve the purpose.

What works in the SEO
What works in the SEO

Blog commenting:

Then: back then, people used to find any high ranking blog and post their link in the comments of irrelevant (or relevant) posts to get ranked. You could even see desperate people doing ridiculous things like commenting on a blog post about furniture trends with their back links for the shampoo they are selling.

Now: bloggers have grown and so has the search engine. Now, only well-crafted comments about the blog post above are published. The aim of blog comment should be to ‘comment on the blog’, not to comment on how well you can sell your product.

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Content writing:

Then: Content writing was something that even a fifth grader could do. Content being published on the web was largely duplicate content (simple Copy and Paste), spun content (spun using free spinning tools) or low quality content (that was hardly informative or non-marketing).

Now: Content writing is being seen as a specialized way of delivering expert knowledge. Highly skilled people are being hired to perform the writing tasks after thorough research and deliberate thinking on the subject matter. Duplicate content is not tolerated in any domain, and spinning is simply unjustifiable.

How The World Of SEO Has Changed
How The World Of SEO Has Changed

Link Building:

Then: Link building was considered the core of Search Engine Optimization in older days. As many links as you could create from as many sources were considered helpful and every website was eager to hire lowest bid freelancers to create back links for their website.

Now: After Google’s two updates, link building has become a very strategic process and only genuine links that are built in a natural way are given value by the search engine.


Then: In the past, people use to create blogs and websites for the sole purpose of putting them up for advertisements and earning money through them. Such websites are full of advertisements flashing in all directions, and not to mention the nuisance of pop-up ads.

Now: gone are the days when websites with little or no informational value existed on the web to make money through advertisements. It is not like they don’t exist anymore – they do, but they are not a part of SEO world any longer.
This was just a brief overview to tell you what works in the SEO world and what must have been abandoned long ago.

Happy SEO!



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