[Dark Side of Twitter] Is It Bad for Society and Your Mental Health?

Twitter has been and is a source of giving people around the world an opportunity to share the news of their lives for seven years already.

With every day the amount of Twitter users increases, which cannot but make it popular.

Every two days a billion messages are sent on Twitter. Incredible number!

But not only the big amount of tweets made the history of this site, but there were also famous and infamous moments during the period of its existence.

Twitter is constantly inventing something new in the design for the users to feel more comfortable about the site using.

Recently, Twitter released an update that gives the users an opportunity to communicate in an easier way. You can even share your conversations with your friends through Twitter via an e-mail.

In spite of all the advantages of the site, there are negative effects that it can cause. Lately, Twitter is said to be a source of expressing anger.Is twitter harmful

Too many angry words and comments concerning the beauty contest or the discussions of the actors that were wrong chosen to perform a certain role…

Is Twitter Bad for Society?

Analysts say that…

The expressed hate and abuse are already an integral part of our society, unfortunately. And the Internet is one of the best ways to express it, knowing that other people will read, for sure.

Thus, we have all the negative debates that arouse the demonstrations and tantrums.

Nowadays, the Internet has become not only a source of getting information or communication but also a place like a city park, where people gather to pour all the dirt. And this is the problem that social media sites must face.

The criminologists say that Twitter, like any other site, contributes to the spreading of the criminals’ advertisements of their wares. Thus, the positive site turns into the site of nefarious purposes and actions.

While the ones try to really communicate and share their news with their friends, the others make a big deal of the entire situation, posting different advertisements, posts, videos that propagandize extremists’ movements.

Apart from that, there are also privacy issues you have to overcome to become safe in real life. Otherwise, you may end up sharing private information that may harm you in the future.

How Twitter Fuels Anxiety?

As Twitter is the easiest to use and post the tweets, as the users here may stay anonymous, extremists tend to choose this site namely to post all those dirty things. And of course, Twitter is the site where there are a lot of people, and what the extremists need is a big amount of people to find.

Here is a big helping hand for Twitter. Still, there’s a good side about that – while discussing such things on the Internet, it is easier for law enforcement officials to find and arrest the authors of the tweets.

What is horrible, prostitutes also use Twitter in order to find new customers or the beautiful girls who can work with them.  Sometimes young girls get the propositions to have a photoshoot or to be the model on the video chat, it is a trap. Do not believe in such services, the Internet is treacherous about that.

If you ask- Is twitter bad for society? It depends.

There is also a positive side of it. Businesses are using social media to promote their products and to make money.

Every technology comes with some pros and cons. If we are not using it properly, technology impacts us negatively.

Similarly, Twitter has a negative as well as a positive impact on our society, depends on how you use it. Twitter is bad for your mental health, it makes you depressed if you are using it excessively.

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