5 Tech Habits | How does Technology Affect Us Negatively?

What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of technology?

The answer is computers.

However, there are certain universal tech habits that tend to hold true for most of the part. And there are also bad habits that make a negative impact on us.

So here are, How does Technology affect us Negatively?

What are they? Let’s read on to find out.

1. Being Victim of Hoaxes, Scams, and Internet Myths:

The internet is filled with scams and hoaxes of all sorts. In short, it is a nasty place.

Do you come across that fake bank email ID which leaks your information/data to spammers?

Recently Zomato revealed, 1.7 millions of user emails are stolen.

Zomato revealed 1.7 millions of user emails are stolen

So the hacker can bombard your inbox with junk or pretend to be you online? Therefore, it is harmful.

Other times it cannot be that harmful but enough to bring a bad name to your rapport in the online arena. Your friends and family are on Facebook. And a certain viral inappropriate post has begun to show on their feed courtesy of your account, how would you that make you feel?

Imagine the lengths you will have to go in order to clarify things. As a result simply because you clicked on a post or an ad banner that was flashing and shouting to make you rich in a matter of days. (It is also referred to as clickbaits).

2. Getting Frustrated with Cluttered Data on Desktop:

If your desktop is cluttered and presents itself as a war zone, it’s high time that you clean up and free up the clutter.

Look at the image below and tell me, which one desktop do you like (left or right)?.

Cluttered Desktop vs free

It’s right!

Logically speaking, not only a cluttered desktop make things difficult to locate but it can end be slowing down your system. Even if it is a smartphone, keeping unwanted data on home screen makes your mobile slow. To avoid these circumstances, you should always clean your mobile to make it run faster.

It is a habit that needs to be learned. And once you have learned this, be sure to keep ensuring that only the most important and urgent files or folders are there on your desktop. It gives you a quick access. Not everything of all kinds should be dumped onto your desktop.

Do you wish to stay frustrated by having to sort through files on your desktop? If not, Keep Your Desktop and Hard Drive Free of Clutter.

3. Paying Too Much for a Product without Knowing its Actual Price:

Online shopping is the way to go in this day and age. And there are so many advantages of shopping online.

benefits of online shopping

But have we ever thought about the danger it entails?

Besides prying eyes tapping into your credit card information and other personal data, it is also important to be mindful of the price you are paying for a particular product.

Often prices listed on the online shopping sites are high. You will usually find discounts on every product (more or less). And that is the trick to lure you in into purchasing stuff.

I am not saying that every price is a trickery. But, it has been observed that site owners write discounted prices and adjacent to it are mentioned original prices.

You will note that a certain percentage of discount is mentioned and the original price is stricken through.

The rule of thumb is to check for their actual prices at the store. Ask around to be sure whether or not these prices reflect the true market picture.

Since the ease and convenience online shopping brings us, we ignore that we may be paying a fortune for something that may not worth such price after all.

4. Not Auditing Your Privacy Settings on Social Networks

This is the most common of recommended habits.

Your privacy settings for Facebook and LinkedIn should be regularly checked for so that your personal data/private information is safe.

We tend to login into social networking sites a dozen times during the day and from different devices. It is imperative that we regularly monitor whether or not we have signed out of our accounts. Especially, during using a public network.

The hazards can be one too many.

If you are not careful, your account may be hacked and someone can take on your online identity.

Plus if there is any private date entered someplace such as credit card information, it is extremely important that you be wary of accessing it in a public. And if you have, make sure erase any record of it.

Today we mainly sign into sites using our social media accounts.

5. Getting Careless while using Personal Information on Public Wi-Fi:

Although I have covered this point above but deserves a separate mention. People tend to forget the fact that a certain Wi-Fi network may be compromised and that it would be highly unsafe to enter your personal information.

Wi-Fi is like oxygen to us and at the sight, we pounce to connect to it like crazies. It is advisable to be wary of such networks and at least employ a VPN. With this, you can keep your private information safe and away from the prying eyes.

Providing Wi-Fi to the customer is one of the Starbucks Marketing Strategies.

Starbucks Promotion Plan

No matter if it is the Wi-Fi of Starbucks, you should always be careful about your personal data uses.

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Wrapping up…

In short, you should always make yourself to think, how does technology affect us negatively. Above are few habits that you need to always bear in mind. It helps to have a safe and seamless online/tech experience.


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