How to Encourage Participation for Halloween Survey and Research?

Halloween is fast approaching and there is no doubt that since the year began; it has been hugely anticipated by millions of candy lovers around the world.

It is noteworthy that this is one holiday that has changed in many ways since its inception.

So, even as days roll on, you’ve got to ask yourself a number of questions before it catches you by surprise.

For instance,

  • What will you like to do during this year’s Halloween?
  • Where would you want to go?
  • What costume are you looking forward to buying and how will it be different from the one you adorned last year?
  • Are you hoping for a work-leave or a party will be thrown in the office?

Well, while the theme for Halloween has remained largely unchanged over the years, how people prepare for it has evidently changed over time.

One thing that is remarkable is that it has become a big day for shoppers on the calendar. Today, Halloween is the 4th largest shopping day in the world.

While this is a day that is phenomenal with some sort of ghostly behaviors as always depicted in clothes people wear, all these are linked to a commemoration of the departed loved ones.

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Costumes for Halloween

People put on eerie costumes on this day to reinforce a belief that the spirits of the departed are hovering around in our midst and so, the day is a chance to identify with them. And the shift to more trendier and custom-made costumes has been remarkably evident in recent times.

Further, more goodies have become popular with this day. Candy is certainly something many talks of and always look forward as October approaches its peak.

All these eventually culminate into a shopping spree on the D-day when everyone goes around for the biggest and sweetest candy. Colorful and ghostly costumes are nonetheless most dominant with yellow being the theme.

Because it is usually harder to predict who will carry the day in Halloween fashion shows you are most likely to attend, it remains to be seen what will adorn the best costume during this year’s celebrations.

This means you are not going to wait until the last day is when you buy yours. It takes a couple of days or even weeks, sometimes months of planning and research.

For instance, conducting a survey weeks before Halloween could be aimed at finding out among other things; which neighborhoods will host the most thrilling parties, which shops will stock the biggest and sweetest candy and also, where to buy the latest trendy Halloween costume.

So, just like any other big day such as Christmas or Ramadan, this year’s Halloween will be no different.

Are you looking forward to stepping out like a typical clown or a real ghost? What about the fan side of it?

In this post, I share with you how to go about conducting your survey for this day to take a look further for more;

The Halloween Survey Design and how to conduct it?

A popular survey website like Survey Monkey employs different approaches to gather data and information on a range of things. So, a case of Halloween is no different.

Well, the best approach in this regard is the use of Questionnaires.

This is typically viable because you will be targeting a larger group of people making it harder to employ one-on-one interview approach.

Respondents are issued with questions on paper from which to expect varied responses for comparison. In broader terms, this falls under social research.

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Further, because this type of research or survey can be boring to some, you really must come up with a properly designed questionnaire that will generate interesting responses.

Questions to ask should have some of the following features

  • Intriguing questions are sure to get your respondents thinking deep and wide.  This way, they are more likely to look beyond their own imaginations and dig deep into data and information out there before furnishing you with more reliable responses. An example question in this regard is; Why Halloween has become liked and disliked in equal measures across different cultures and religions?
  • Design questions that would interest your readers. This has to do with questions that appeal to what most people always look forward to when this day finally reaches.  For example, a question like what’s your favorite candy will generate diverse and interesting responses.
  • Thought-provoking questions are also bound to make your survey a big success. Why yellow is predominantly common with Halloween is one good example to include in your survey paper.

Note that surveys are about finding how people perceive certain things and this case, Halloween. This means psychology will play a vital role in designing your questions and analyzing people’s responses.

This is particularly with regard to motivation as an aspect of social psychology research.

It could either be by way extrinsic or extrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation involves encouraging participation by triggering certain factors externally. Intrinsic motivation comes from within.

[Tricks and tips] How to encourage people to take part in your Holiday (Halloween) survey?

  • You can provide participants with some incentives which are basically aimed at ensuring that they finish filling up questionnaires online. One way to do with is offering cash-on vouchers for the latest smartphones in the market. It is also important to indicate how taking part in the survey will benefit society
  • Use a call-to-action language in a positive way. For example, ‘Take part in Our Halloween Survey this year and help people make the right choices how to celebrate.’
    For reaching out to the right audience, you can use Facebook ads for best targetting.
    If you are active on Instagram, you can make the best use of Instagram for engagement on your Halloween survey.
  • Keep your survey simple and easy to finish. Once you have a link to the study, let it straightway lead the respondent to the important question. Also, inform them how time they are likely to spend on it.
  • Your questions should be able to hold the interest of participants. This means you can include certain simple, fun and sweet tasks to aid their response.
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