Why is it important to Ensure Endpoint security to stop Ransomware?

What are the victim devices of WannaCry Ransomware Attack?

Endpoint security is one among the long-term goals for many companies. Most companies are facing huge cybersecurity challenges with regard to cost, and in finding compatible security software to secure computers.

They now have the additional responsibility to ensure the security of smartphones and such other devices connected to their network, mostly remotely.

Smarter Security Starts at the Endpoint:

In 2011 security experts across the world unanimously agreed that malware attacks are going to be a regular thing. Likewise, there were plenty of reports coming in relating to stolen identities, bank account attacks, and other such things.

wordpress common security attacks

When prediction comes true…

The real threat started by the end of 2015;  by this time we saw a new version of malware introduced almost every other month. And it would go on to create havoc across the world where everything is now connected via the internet. They would attack once in three minutes during business hours.

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Why Ransomware goes undetected…

The biggest threat today is Ransomware.

But why is it that we are hit with ransomware and it goes undetected?

Simply because unlike before, now you don’t have to open an attachment to allow the worm to settle in your system.

Ransomware uses APT (the Advanced Persistent Threat), where the culprit enters your system and gains access to the network. There will be no sign of the intrusion and it stays undetected for a longer period to pilfer data.

These kinds of attacks are mainly targeted at the state or huge corporates.

To lure victims APT uses social engineering in emails to get into the system. A spoof email that may look like a LinkedIn request connection. Once you clicked, it will download malicious code onto a computer. And the user will never know that he has accidentally allowed malware to access his system.

Though ransomware is the biggest concern today, most organizations have been unable to deal with it.

The largest malware attack in recent times is the WannaCry ransomware“, which went on to infect hundreds and thousands of machines across 150 countries. The very mention of ransomware would create panic among users and thus put pressure on vendors for endpoint security to stop Ransomware.

What are the victim devices of WannaCry Ransomware Attack?

Technology is affecting us negatively in many ways.

We can mostly categories these devices into three categories.

  • Personal Computers:  

It had targeted computers initially.

  • Mobile Devices:

As the malware went on with the rampage, it was noted that those behind it had targeted PCs initially and then it had moved on to mobile devices.

  • IoT devices:

We all know, IoT is one of the next big thing going to happen (or happening) in the tech world.

Recently attackers started targeting IoT devices, which at some point seemed easily hackable. This broader attack proved that the industry is still immature and vulnerable to malware attacks.

Even there are lots of privacy issues with the IoT devices leaking your personal data.

This was a clear indication that security analysts need to think ahead of the hackers and come out with a novel idea to protect endpoint security.

Security experts at a renowned anti-virus development company endorsed analysts’ view that things aren’t going to get better anytime soon.

Why is it important to Ensure Endpoint Security to stop Ransomware?

In security terms, every computer is considered as an endpoint, and each computer (endpoint) is responsible for its own security.

We are not talking about an individual user or home users because they have only a few computers to take care of, which they can manage by themselves. They even do not require any kind of central administration.

The endpoint concept came into existence due to the network perimeter. It is where you have one or more people connected to the system, and even from a myriad of locations using remote access methods.

It has become tedious for the IT admin to fully monitor the network and protect computers. This way Endpoint Security proves to be the only way to allow computers to defend themselves.

The intent of this article is to apprise readers that endpoint security to stop Ransomware like attacks. So one should look for a product that assures strong protection from malware attacks.

If you have a website…

SSL certificate is the most important thing for any websites today. It will provide a secure connection between browsers and server via encryption. It prevents Man in the Middle (MITM) attack. SSL has used anywhere where you are communicating information that should not be publicFind cheap comodo positive SSL certificate providers to secure your small business website or blog.

Wrapping up…

Finally, let’s come back to the basic question. Is endpoint security important? Yes, it is, if you allow remote computer access to your network or if you are a mobile user. Especially if you want to boost your business you can not neglect the security threads are approaching you near future.

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