Difference Between iOS Android Windows | Comparative Analysis?

The smartphone market has never seen a greater increase than it has in the last couple of years. With every passing year, more and more people are becoming acclimated to using mobile devices than their desktop counterparts.

If you don’t know there are many smartphone OS, you might not have heard as well. Here is a list of top top 7 Mobile Phone Operating Systems. Very few of us know.

Since the inception of smartphones our lives, three major players namely Apple, Windows, and Google have been dominating the mobile market with their respective operating systems: iOS, Windows 10, and Android. So its really ache in the head to find the Difference Between iOS Android Windows.

difference between ios android windows

So the only question that begs to be asked at this point is: which OS is right for you?

While there is no straight answer to this question as each of them has some features that supersede the other. For a better understanding, we have drilled down here a comprehensive review of the functionalities of each of them.

Difference Between iOS Android Windows:

Here it is:

#1 Affordability

Apple is not well known for making the most budget-friendly devices primarily because it offers sophisticated and high-end products. Nowadays, the latest iPhone costs you around $650 or more, while iPhone 6 cost a hundred dollar less last year.

The iPhone SE is the only budget device they have with them with a starting price of $400, which is still relatively steeper than the others. Nokia, the Microsoft’s major partner, to scale was always good at producing high-quality hardware at low prices.

But when it to scale and variety, there is nothing that can beat Android. It takes the lead in the race for its free apps which make it an ideal choice for budget-savvy buyers. Android is the OS that you will find on other brands like Samsung, Huawei, HTC, ZTE, and LG.

#2 Design and Interface

For years, Windows, Android, and Apple have gone through many makeovers and yet somehow only iOS has been able to maintain its interface that it designed back in 2007. Android got the biggest design upgrade in 2014 by introducing the Lollipop 5.0.

This brought in the Material Design look and feel that brought in some animations and more. Android is still going strong even with 6.0 Marshmallow. iOS also follows in on this. However, Apple throws away the app drawer and gives us only the icon-filled home screens.

It is also simpler to use than the rest of the three if you don’t have so many apps filling in the screen of course. Windows uses a different approach than its competition in that it features a home screen that uses a tiled interface with resizable tiles that can flip over to display more information about an app.

So in difference between iOS Android Windows, it is the iOS that wins the day with a straightforward and stylish interface than that its rivals.

You might have heard about Samsung Battery explosion issue in Android smartphone. It has triggered down their market value with huge loss.

#3 Apps

Windows has no chance here when it comes to the number of apps and their functionality. For the most number of apps, Android will always be at the top. However, the true champion here is iOS which is a more profitable platform for developers and much simpler for them to develop their apps.

Nevertheless, Android’s market is continuing to grow even as we speak. The Play Store offers the largest collection of free apps than the App Store.

#4 Security

With Windows 10, the Universal Apps enable mobile owners to install non-Windows related apps to make their phones more secure. However, there are in-built security apps that do that as well. They also prevent electronic attacks.

The iOS offers the same kind of benefits as Windows 10 and with a strengthened pass-code to keep unauthorized users from accessing your Apple ID or any other personal info from your phone.

With the Android, the phone seeks your permission to allow an app to access your camera or other features once and forever. It even has a fingerprint option for unlocking your phone which allows mobile owners to use Android Pay or other apps.

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