Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Content Marketing

Internet marketing is one of the most discussed areas of promotion. There are different opinions, rave reviews, fears, and warnings.

One thing is obvious that this is not just another trend, which will quickly “erode” because this is the new reality of Internet marketing.

In this article, we are looking into various advantages and disadvantages of content marketing.

It is content of Internet marketing that can drive traffic to the site and stand out against the competition.

But, as in any sphere, there are a few vital advantages and disadvantages that are mentioned here below:

Advantages of Content Marketing

  1. Brand Awareness

Effective Business Strategy for Building Brand Awareness

Content is placed on different sites for internet marketing at video hosting, social networks, media, thematic communities, and blogs.

Due to this, wide coverage of the audience is achieved and brand recognition is increasing.

A potential customer can meet your brand in the VC, read about it in LJ and see in the video on YouTube. But the effect is stronger than the banner advertising, which literally “haunts” the user everywhere, and is simply not noticed.

Hosted content solves specific problems, entertains or trains, that is, it has value for a person. A strong emotional link to the brand is created, which is not achieved by other means of advertising.

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  1. Formation of an Expert Position and Trust

By creating and distributing useful materials, the company forms an image of an expert in its field. Thus, the concept of social and ethical marketing is realized, when the main task is not just to “squirt” the goods, but to establish long-term relations with consumers, make them “brand advocates” and expand the client base through recommendations.

Attracting traffic is easy. It is much more difficult to build relationships with customers so that they do not forget you after the first purchase.

Creating content, we first think about the benefits that it will bring to users, and sales with the right approach are inevitable.

Most importantly, customers remember you, recommend and apply again and again. ”

  1. Traffic, Lids, and Conversions

Writing an Impactful Blog Post

Naturally, content for Internet marketing is not needed for the sake of universal gratitude, but ultimately for income generation.

And this goal is perfectly achieved. Reading articles on third-party sites, reviews, recommendations and viewing videos, users navigate through the placed links to your site.

The advantage is that they are already prepared, they understand why they move and what they want to receive.

Therefore, the coefficients of generation and conversion are higher here than for traffic from banner advertising or “organic”.

  1. Natural Links and Increased Visibility in the Search

Increase Website Traffic

Content for Internet marketing has a positive SEO effect because you will be referred to authoritative thematic sites. These are not purchased links from link builders, but natural traffic backlinks on sites with a “live” audience.

Even if you order 5-7 placements a month, then within six months there will be a noticeable growth in the positions in organic issuance.

Not for nothing experienced can be filled up content marketing with an arsenal of tools used. The more you will have placements on third-party sites, the more likely that users will find you on topical queries.

In addition, the visibility of the company in “organic” by brand requests is significantly increased. The entire top issue consists of the materials that we published. Naturally, this is your own site, a group of VCs, as well as expert articles on thematic venues.

Even if the competitors launch a black PR campaign, their publications will not be easy to get into the TOP for brand inquiries.

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  1. Optimizing Pay per Click (PPC) for the Ratings on Internet

Content marketing is much more effective than contextual advertising in terms of the cost of transition (PPC). This is especially noticeable in the traditionally expensive topics for the context, where the cost of a click starts from 30 dollars.

Of course, the subject matter for content marketing matters, but it is not decisive for PPC. Of course, you can play with the settings of contextual advertising, targeting, but still, it will not be possible to achieve the value of PPC, which gives content marketing.

Optimizing the PPC is the way to improve ratings on the Internet. To invest in content marketing is beneficial, and this makes it competitive in the online advertising market.

Disadvantages of Content Marketing

Later part of our advantages and disadvantages of content marketing.


  1. The Complexity of Implementing the Strategy

Probably, this is the main drawback. To implement the content strategy, you need professionals, because you need to formulate the concept of promotion, select relevant sites, create engaging content, monitor performance and adjust the content plan.

Self- realization of the strategy is possible only on condition of hiring an experienced specialist.

The problem is that the vacant content marketer with experience of successful work in the afternoon with fire cannot find, and the level of salaries is quite high.

And if you add costs for copywriting, placement and monitoring, the costs will come out quite impressive.

In addition, it will be difficult to monitor the work of a specialist. But if you contact any agency, you can get a guaranteed result for a fixed fee.

In fact, you only pay money and take work, the rest is the agency’s business. So you get rid of unnecessary overhead costs and do not engage in non-core activities.

  1. Stretching of the Effect in Time

digital marketing strategy implementation

Content for Internet marketing is a long-term strategy. Therefore, those who want to get results here and immediately do not like him.

If you are one of them, then you have a direct road to the context. If you want to not just sell but become a niche leader, then regular investments in content marketing will pay off – yes, not in a week, but in a few months, the effect will be noticeable.

In addition, this effect will not be lost, as soon as you stop “pouring” money (as in the case of context or banner advertising).

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  1. High Entry Threshold

It is difficult for small businesses to deal with content marketing because of high initial costs. Therefore, it may appear that this is the prerogative of large players.

Practice shows the opposite.

There are many small companies that have sufficient financial resources to run content marketing. Moreover, agencies are actively meeting their clients and developing budgetary tariffs.

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  1. Not Suitable for All Areas and Tasks

There are areas where content for Internet marketing will not bring the expected effect:

  • services that are needed here and now (taxi, the emergency opening of locks, cleaning of sewerage);
  • local offline stores, beauty salons, gyms, etc.
  • specific products that do not have an alternative (for example, complex medical or industrial equipment);
  • companies focused on working with government contracts.

In addition, there are tasks for which it is better to use contextual advertising: if you need to quickly bring a new product to the market, stimulate demand on the eve of holidays, etc.

  1. Difficulties in Assessing the Effectiveness

To assess the effectiveness, basic metrics are used, applicable to all types of advertising campaigns like coverage, number, and cost of conversions, rating on the Internet.

The problem is different.

Since content marketing has many additional effects, how to assess, for example, the growth of reputation or level of expertise? Here, indirect metrics are used, depending on the goals for the number of likes and reports in social networks, the level of citation, comment ability, and so on.

Another difficulty is that a person cannot buy the product immediately after clicking on the link in the content. He can read the information, go to the site, look around, remember the name of the company, and in a week enter it in the search and make a purchase.

At the same time, it is not easy to assess the contribution of content marketing to sales – it will be necessary to professionally configure multi-channel sequences.


When deciding to make content for Internet marketing a part of the promotion strategy, it is not necessary to blindly follow the fashion and the principle “everyone does that”.

Weigh up the pros and cons, consult with experts. Also, do not forget that regularity and systematic approaches are important content for Internet marketing. So in this case, it will be possible to provide a high Ratings on the Internet.

This is all about the advantages and disadvantages of content marketing. If you are into content marketing, what’s your thought?

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