[6 Crazy Ways] How to Create Brand Awareness Strategy with Example?

Programs That Increases Your Brand Recognition

The key goal of any branding strategy is to remain in the market spotlight for as long as possible.

You simply have to focus as much attention as you can towards your products and services along with brand awareness. Because the competition is high and everybody wants a piece of the action.

At the end of this post, you will also find the Starbucks marketing strategy with a case study. It will show how Starbucks has become such a big brand.

Before going to create brand awareness strategy, let’s understand brand awareness in layman’s terms.

What is Brand Awareness?

In Brand awareness, the brand itself is how the public perceives you and what defines your business qualities.

So, besides having something to offer that coincides with the demand, you also have to implement effective methods of raising brand awareness which will in time amass a decent amount of loyal clients.

Effective Business Strategy for Building Brand Awareness

Create Brand Awareness Strategy [6 Programs]

So here are some effective practices you should follow to make your business a BIG brand.

1. Referral Programs

Content users and consumers of your product or services will gladly help you spread the word around. If you enable them this option and also reward them for their efforts, then you can build a web that is based on loyalty.

Example: How Dropbox is Building Brand using Referral Program?

For instance, DropBox, an online mass file transferring site, gives 500MB of free storage space once you create an account.

If you spread the word and invite more users, every newcomer to DropBox on your recommendation will increase your max storage space up to 16GB.

It is like online word-of-mouth that can actually generate lots of followers with benefits without having to pay for advertising.

2. Free Trials and Samples

In the online world, it is always good to give a free trial of your product/service.

Benefits of Free Trial Services:

Consumers can get a frame of reference whether your offer suits their needs or not.

Such free versions usually include a watermark or credit line, prompting interested users to pay for a full version upgrade which will enable them to put the entire program to full use.

Why does it work?

Remember, when something is free people are eager to check it out; and if they find the suitable use for it, then they will be happy to pay for it.

The same goes for samples. Once potential clients can test your product on the spot and are impressed by all of its features and effects, it’s only sensible that they’ll purchase what you offer.

3. Hold an Event for Brand Awareness

Organizing an event will definitely garner a lot of attention and recognition.

We all like to socialize to a certain extent. And such occasions are perfect for bringing people together and exposing them to your products/services.

The advantage of Event Organization for Brand Awareness:

The most important thing is that potential customers will have a chance to physically see, feel, and examine your brand.

By making things tangible and interactive, a sense of trust is going to happen.

What should be the theme for the Event?

There are many themed events you can plan– Christmas party, charities/fundraisers, workshops, cocktail evenings. Or you can even customize your unique event.

Plan something out of the ordinary which will definitely pull a lot of curious attendees.

4. Effective Social Media for Brand Awareness

Social Media Marketing Strategy

To get loyal users, you need to have a social business page so that you find your potential user.

Today, making most of the social media business page is needed otherwise you will not only miss a great opportunity for growth but also drive out your customers to your competitors.

For more detail check the detailed guide for using social media for brand awareness.

5. Partnerships

Getting involved with other local businesses is quite crucial for overall growth and community development.

Since nothing can be practically done in complete solitude, partnerships should be made to support and propel both sides on and off the market.

Consequently, the whole event-planning endeavor can be done with more ease.

Some Partnership Event:

Together you can hold seminars, festivals, charity events, and even sponsor local sports teams and competitions.

The key is to find another local business that has the right ambition, knowledge, products, and contacts to help reinforce a mutual cause.

6. Promotional Merchandise

No successful company neglects this aspect of raising public brand awareness.

Merchandise is something that may cost you money to produce, but it goes a long way when it comes to spreading the name around.

Merchandise Ideas:

All you need is an interesting logo and a catchy slogan which you can label on all sorts of useful items, tools, and equipment.

T-shirts, pens, notebooks, cups, mugs, even branded bags, whatever suits your imagination is a way to go.

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These are just some of the examples that fall into the category of ‘branding strategy’ to make brand awareness.

Starbucks is considered to be one of the businesses know for their unique marketing.

Let’s check the complete case study about the Starbucks brand awareness strategy.

me other ways to create brand awareness strategy:

You can also opt for social media contests, paid social advertising, special guest invites, podcasts, exhibitions, fairs, stunts, and a myriad of other methods which will altogether help you to reach out to people.

How you choose to let more people know that your business exists on the map depends only on your efforts, inventiveness, and intelligence.

Everything else is patience and a bit of luck.

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