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Android Nougat first smartphone LG V20

Android Nougat First Smartphone Unveil | LG V20 Specification

We know after Android Marshmallow 6.0, Google came with the new version of android as Nougat 7.0. Nougat is the latest version of android. And the wait of Android Nougat first smartphone is coming to end soon. It has been finalised ... Continue Reading →
Mobile App Development Mistakes

5 Mobile App Development Mistakes You Should Avoid

Being an app developer is definitely very exciting as well as being potentially rewarding for the app developer. However, there are a number of little mobile app development mistakes that can sometimes get in the way of success thus ... Continue Reading →
Blogging Improves Writing Skills

How Can Blogging Improves Writing Skills? 5 Tips that Worked for Me

Today it seems that almost everybody has a blog. People just can’t keep their mouth shut. You look around the Internet for long enough and you realize that your next door neighbor is a beauty blogger (with that messy hair?!) and ... Continue Reading →
Blogging Helps to Find Job

How Blogging Helps to Find Job of Your Dream?

There are various reasons why people start a blog. Somebody wants to become famous, while others simply need a way of expressing themselves. If you simply want to make the money from your blog, you can read our previous article, How ... Continue Reading →
How to Make Money with Blog

How to Make Money with Blog as Turning Your Blogging Hobby into Job?

Having a blog is often considered to be a fun thing to do. You get to brag about things you know how to do and have an excuse to try out new things to tell others about it. But very few people actually manage to turn blogging into ... Continue Reading →
Uses of Selfie Sticks for happy family

Best Smartphone for Selfies among all other Brands

Youths are more fascinate for taking selfies with various wide angles. Peoples are more obsessed to take selfies. In other words, they try to portrait their life and time they spend by posting it on social media. Everyone knows the ... Continue Reading →
Increase Website Traffic Using Visual Content

8 Proven Tips to Increase Website Traffic Using Visual Content

You have a website that you are proud to own with a good small following to back it up. But now you wish to drive more traffic to your website. The business goals and the products are all there, but there is something else that it ... Continue Reading →
fix WiFi signal problem

How to Fix WiFi Signal Problem? 7 Proven Tips to Improve Internet Speed

WiFi is an essential thing like food, water and shelter. Before going to a topic first we have to know what is mean by WiFi . WiFi is a facility that allows your computer or other devices connect to the internet. In case you are having ... Continue Reading →
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