11 Quotes that Realizes Your Responsibility for Women Empowerment

Why Gender Equality Important for Sustainable Development?

After a long time, I am writing on the social issue. It will become feminist but just bear with me. Like every New Year celebration, this time also, we are on the verge of celebrating International Women’s day on 8th March.

It all seems fascinating in this masculine and patriarchal world, we still have Women’s day to celebrate.

Either male gene become more sophisticated or women realize their true worth whatever the reason might be, we have world women’s day.

Do we really become more aware of women empowerment?

beautiful woman

My article might smell like anger in it but it’s for the good cause and for Women Empowerment. Every year around women’s day week people feel solidarity towards women issues and like a forgotten saga, we forget those issues afterward.

First, I would like to explain…

What means to be feminist?

Feminism means a political movement which seeks equality on every ground for women. We are not misandry which tells you to hate Male gene.

Women have really done great work whether she is a mother, lady of a gentleman, influencer to a nation… She is always admired for her multiple roles to make society, to build the nation and to empower the world.

See, what Abraham Lincoln describes the role of his mother in his life.

Great mother

We are talking about Women Empowerment but Brigham Young finds it. How does an educated woman educate and empower generation? 


educated woman empower generations

American Proverb that tells you, the role of the lady to make Gentleman.

woman makes gentleman

When it comes to decision-making capability, women make it prudent.

woman decision

Today we look for the same moral values embark by the French revolution in 1789.

Gender Equality Important for Sustainable Development:

Equality is the most important in all. Without equality, we are just denying the creation of God its true worth.

Gender equality should be implemented not only just in education, health, social connect but also in the human psyche. Here comes the title of this essay “Women’s responsibility for Women Empowerment”.

I wrote the same type of essay a few years back on “Men’s responsibility in Women empowerment”. Now, this time, I am writing the next part.

We are still struggling for 33% reservation in Loksabha for women. We are the so backward mindset that people don’t accept rape victim while Rapist wonders around like he has done an auspicious work. Every girl looked as an objectionable figure with lust tapping out of eyes.

We are not the rape country but the treatment we give to them is humiliations of one’s dignity. Many people are misogynist who hates women.

People solely compare on the basis of masculine strength.

Women Empowerment to Empower the Nation:

To prove them wrong, Indian Air Force has just included women in their frontline fighting wing with other armed forces also planning to include them in front line job.

Air India is going to commemorate International Women’s Day by operating the longest all-women flight on its longest route. This news is covered by business today.

If you compare women by masculine strength, Moroccan proverb inclines women to instruct the nation.

Instruct a woman, you instruct a nation

Women always have the responsibility for themselves. Men need to change the way they think about women. Women can do this task. You may ask how?

Well god has given the ability to carry an infant for 9 months and nurture them for rest of their life to women. If women cannot imbibe the ability to respect themselves on a child then who will?

And you know that a child always is in learning mode so be the best teacher and tell him/her to respect.

Early you start instructing it, the child will learn it early.

Women are the best to accomplish the task, not just by word, but by action.

If you want anything done, ask a woman

For a seriousness of the situation, this happened some two-three days back. Once I was traveling in Mumbai Metro. At one station two bombshell girls enter into the bogie, everyone one looked at them and then ignores. Sorry for my language I called them bombshell and you might feel I am disrespecting them. But I just wanted you to imagine the seriousness of the situation.

I too looked at them and then ignore. From their overheard conversations, I guess they were working for some marketing firm. And by the way, they dress my conclusion was on the right track. But what hit me instantly that one guy in mid-40s was constantly looking at them. Looking and stalking is normal these days, no one bothers. I am also taken that casually but it hurt me the way he looks at them. This goes on for straight 20 minutes and he was constantly doing what he wanted to do i.e. stalking.

After we all get off the train, he purposely touched one of the girls. She did not bother as she did not know the intention of the lustful person. But hit me in the heart to write that incident here to give you seriousness.

These small incidents will grow into eve-teasing then rape and then acid attack. I really condemn these incidents, hurting someone will eventually hurt you. People for their male ego do whatever they want to the girl they like it just not admissible. So rise and know the responsibility you have on your shoulders.

They have forgotten, where they are living, they call it as a home. But Proven truth by Chinese, it takes a woman to make a home.

it takes a woman to make a home.

So changing the mentality of the person in his upbringing can only solve such problem. And women can play a vital role in it as a mother, companion, and teacher.

Give her love, you will find how beautiful World is…

Women imagination jumps from admiration to love

Give her the freedom to open her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.

 kindness is on women's tongue.

This all depends on us, how do we treat women by being better half, being son/daughter of the beautiful mother and of course being human.

It is our responsibility of women empowerment to treat women well.

responsibility of women empowerment to treat women well

A woman is like a bee treat her well and she will make honey, treat her badly and she will go wild. ~African proverb


Thanks for reading this essay on Women Empowerment. Hope this article adds a bit of thought and kind of responsibility.

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