You can not miss these Top 5 Best Video Editing Software

If you are into digital videos, then you must have come across much video editing software. There are so many videos editing software out there on the internet that will surely confuse you to chose the best among them. Few of the newcomers purchase Adobe premium for video editing purpose, which is actually very expensive and also very difficult for beginners to understand. Many of them buy software that are really costly and are not able to fulfill all the requirements of the user. So we are here to solve your problem and present you top 5 software that can prove to be helpful in each and every aspect of video editing.

Top 5 Best Video Editing Software

1) Cyberlink Power Director

It is one of the best video editing software presents in the market and has been very helpful over past few years. The software is able to meet the requirements of the beginner as well as intermediate level videographers. One of the best features of the software is its presentation. All the tools like importing clips, adding, trimming, adding captions, images, transitions, and audio etc. are neatly and also very nicely presented. The software also provides its users a wide range of still images and audio files that can be added into the videos along with cool transitions and effects.


2) Adobe Premiere Elements

There is no doubt that Adobe is very famous and popular brand name when we talk about video editing software. The software can run on both Windows as well as Mac operating system. Adobe Premiere possesses some of the end to end and solid features all packed up into one single clean package. Some of the outstanding tools that we see in the software are rendering as well as burning video to media output, green screen editing, fine tuning and adjusting the imported tracks etc.

Some of the users feel that the software is very complicated to use but still it is very simple and easier to use when we compare it to its cousin i.e. Adobe Premiere.


3) Corel Video Studio Pro

Core Video Studio is among one of the most intermediate levels of video editing software. Although it is not as deep as Adobe premiere but still it holds a very decent place when we talk about video editing. The software provides cool 3D effects like time lapse, transitions, 3D movie support as well as adding pictures in picture object.


4) Magix Movie Edit Pro

It is not very famous software but still it has made up to our list because of its usability and simpliness. The software is capable of easily importing and exporting 3D video files, and along with it, it also supports Bluray as well as AVCHD, raising its level to its competitors. The software has more than 1000 video effects, audio clips and templates in its library that enable you to create unique videos.


5) VideoPad

It is another very good tool that can be used to produce simply edited videos. The software supports common file formats like AVI, MPG, and MOV and also has very good technical support. It is very dirty and quick software that could be used for producing movies. However, the software lacks in few useful standard features but still it does the job meeting almost all the videographer’s needs.

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