How to Download Facebook Videos Without Any Software

Getting notification for video & watching it online, is one time. Many times we come across some important tutorials, some motivational videos… that you may want to store & watch it for future purpose.


Facebook is now not allowing the user to download Facebook videos directly. Whereas we are able to download Facebook photos by clicking on “save as image”. In an earlier post, we shared how to know who has read my WhatsApp group message. In this post, we will see how to download Facebook videos.


If you find yourself in areas with high internet connectivity in work or at WiFi spotted area, you may want to watch the video in a spare time. It’s a better way to utilise free high internet connectivity to download Facebook video & watch at home or place where there is a slow or no internet.


So how’s it to store it on local computer machine & watch whenever we want?
There are two methods I am going to demonstrate here to download Facebook videos.


#1 How to download Facebook Video without any Software?


Follow the steps given bellow to download Facebook videos without any software….

  • Open Facebook video that you want to download.
  • Open Facebook Video

  • Play the video.
  • Replace “www” in URL with “m” such that URL will look like as “”. It will open mobile version of Facebook.
  • Open Facebook Video in Mobile Version

  • Right Click on video
  • Select “Save video as…”
  • How to Download Facebook Videos

  • It will start downloading video in local file system on computer.


As we are opening a Facebook site in the mobile version, the quality of the video will get degraded.

If you want high-quality video, you can use another method given bellow to download facebook video.


#2 How to Download Facebook Videos using third party service online


Follow the given steps to download facebook video using third party service…

  • Open a video on facebook that you want to download.
  • Run the video and Click right button on video.
  • how to download Facebook videos using third party service

  • Select “Show video URL”
  •  Copy video URL
  • Copy Video URL to download facebook video

    Once you get video URL, you can use third party service to download the video.

  • open savefrom website.
  • Copy the video URL, paste in a text box.
  • starts download Facebook Video


  • Fo high-quality video, choose MP4 HD. It will start downloading the video.


If you are bothering  about internet bandwidth usage for download videos, let me clarify. Even if you are watching video online, you are downloading that video in buffer memory without saving on a local computer. So there is same internet bandwidth usage in both watching & downloading Facebook video.


You can check out more facebook tricks on PCSkull.


All the tests and demonstrations are carried out on Google Chrome browser.  As this “How to download Facebook videos” trick is not platform dependent, it will work on any browser.


These are the simplest ways to download Facebook videos. If you are still getting a problem to download video on facebook, feel free to comment bellow. I will try my best to resolve your query.



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