Life is your, because you know how to pocket the Byte !!

Despite of just winning carom board, hardly it will sound well if you are not getting lesson that will be helpful in your technical world. And that might be the reason for almost all the organization are endorsing indoor Carom tournament otherwise what the heck of making Carom champion in technically sound organization which is frantically hunting for technically sound people :p

Here is the simple 9 stroke that we are used to play in carom matches; also giving lesson to learn things that we have to apply in our technical territory.

9 things to learn from carom


Stroke 1: Take the Striker, hit the board and divide your big dream into multiple tasks…

There are 19 bytes on the board. It is not possible to knock all the byte inside pocket in single stroke. By hitting center stroke you have to clutter all the bytes all around and try to take them inside pocket one by one.
Life is the same; peoples are more scared about their big dream and think achieving goal is impossible within a life span. But they forget to know, adding one more people to their work may yields double the life span. Just divide your work into multiple sub tasks as like hitting center board, assign it to multiple people and try to accomplish each task one by one as like pocketing byte in every turn one by one. I bet you will surprise and appreciate yourself as the dream that you have thought impossible is going to be in reality. It is the only tactic to accomplish your big dream in this rivaling era.

Stroke 2: Pocket the byte and hit the bulls eye…

The board surface is almost having side of 74 cm and pocket is of 10 cm*cm area.. As compared to the surface area, the pocket size is not even 5% of board surface.
Same is all about our life. We have almost a life to live but it is not enough to accomplish your every goal or happiness that you are seeing outside. So do not squander time, just find your interest of area and take it as challenge. Challenge is not challenge for you if your challenge is the part of your interest. You have to hit the target which is just 5% of actual.

Stroke 3:  Pocketing byte is not the only game because; blocking black bytes is the art of game…

Many of us, when they get striker, starts pocketing byte. But getting one byte and letting your opponent to get two byte, does not sense any more. Apart from pocketing your white byte, blocking black byte is the art of game.
In this rivaling tenure, you are not the only competitor. You must have foresight to know what will be the competitors next step, so that you can raise your agenda ahead of him.

Stroke 4:  Too much thinking before hitting bytes yields too much scare for achieving dream…

Yeah it is right. I would like to give you an instance; I was shocked looking at one of the player while he was competing semifinal in Global Logic carom board tournament. He was too hurrying for every knock. At first I thought he might have project deadline for today :D. My curiosity and daggling mind unable to stop me to ask him. But when I asked him about this after a match, I shocked !!!. He told me, if he thought before playing shot, hardly he can play that shot well. Reason is that thinking too much imposes pressure, and even byte that seems easy cannot reach the pocket.
Being too much secure, you are shackling your arms 🙂

Stroke 5:  Don’t think that supporters are always supporters…

It is kinda weird to read but it is not the myth. Supports are always delights the game. But when spectators support you, which lead an extra burden to stand on their expectation. In this situation you should not have to lose your momentum. If you have daring to keep your winning momentum by standing on their expectation in front of them, remember supporters are for you.

Stroke 6:  Early you marry with the queen; early you get the spirit of achieving success…

The queen is the most powerful carom piece. Pocketing queen with cover means you have consented by yourself to get extra 5 point after win or to resist 5 point after lose.
Just find the core part of your work and start stepping in. Look forward to accomplish that core part first. Once you have done with your core part of your task, remaining task is just like jogging in the park.

Stroke 7:  Team work is the key…

Hardly anyone can win double match; even if one of two, lacking his real strength. Mind it; you are the controller of your success. It is your duty to endorse your partner to let him to show his best of best; it does not mater, as you are playing carom board or heading your dream in real life trek.
Cheers with your buddy for every perfect shot,
boost your buddy for every miss shot.
It is win to win system, your best performance can let him to linger the taste of winning trophy; and your partner’s best performance can let you pick the trophy.

Stroke 8:  Never say die attitude; don”t lose your winning momentum while heading to your dream…

I have my own experience. We were leading game by 21 by 0. At this stage we almost started jigging like juvenile. But carom is the game of uncertainty and life is not the exception. It is awful to say (but not for my opponents 😛 ), We lost game by 27 by 29. I really admire, never say die attitude of my opponents.
If you are lapsing behind, don”t think you are finished and
if you are heading ahead, don”t think you have finished…

Stroke 9:  Pocket the winning byte and be ready for next goal.

After pocketing winning byte, have to conquer all the bytes that you have cluttered in first stroke at the center of the board and have to ready for next goal of achieving one more dream. For your next board of achieving dream, just stroke again from 1 to 9.

Don”t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.― A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Life is your, because you know how to pocket the byte.

Feel free to comment, if you get any point that we should have to learn from Carom…
Don”t mind to speak your mind in comment section about whatever I have written…

Courtesy: Global Logic

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