7 Simple Steps to Submit URL to Bing Webmaster Search Engine Tool?

If you are running your own blog, I am sure you are aware of the importance of search engine optimization (SEO).

To make the website reachable worldwide, it is necessary to optimize website along with writing quality content.

Submitting a website to a search engine makes a vital role in SEO by letting webmaster crawl through the website.

As part of SEO, I demonstrate here, how to submit URL to Bing Webmaster Search Engine Tool.

Many bloggers submit website to Google webmaster tool and ignore Bing webmaster tool.

Big Mistake.

Bing is a search engine provided by Microsoft.

If you don’t submit your website to Bing, you are ignoring free traffic coming from the Microsoft search engine.

Bing is ever a competitor for Google search engine. And if you are thinking Bing is dying, look at the image below, what expert talks on Quora about Bing search engine.

What does people say about bing on quora

If you are serious about getting traffic on your website, don’t make this silly mistake by not submitting your website to bing.

It takes just 5 minutes to submit URL to Bing webmaster tool. And you all done.

How to Submit URL to Bing Webmaster

To Submit URL to Bing Webmaster Search Engine Tool, follow the steps given below…

    1. Open the link to the Bing webmaster tool. To submit URL to Bing webmaster, you require a Microsoft account. If you don’t have Microsoft account, create a new account.
    2. After login to bing webmaster, enter the website URL and sitemap. Fill the require contact detail.submit url to bing
    3. Once you submit details, website URL and sitemap, you will redirect to next page to verify ownership.
    4. If you have a WordPress blog, you can follow option 2 for verification. Otherwise, you can opt for option 1. To submit a WordPress blog, copy the verification content in the clipboard as shown in fig below (option 2).copy verification code from bing
    5. Log in to the WordPress blog. Click on Yoast SEO: General Setting. Open Webmaster Tools tab and paste verification content in front of Bing Webmaster Tools text box.paste bing verification code in yoast setting
    6. Once you have saved changes in Yoast setting, click on verify button on verification page of webmaster tool.
    7. You can update your profile on bing webmaster to get an alert for malware, crawl error, index issues, sitemap. This simple subscription can save you from any hazardous impact on your website.Set alert preferences on bing

After submitting website sitemap to bing webmaster, it will show status as pending. It may take a couple of days to crawl your website and index pages on Big search engine.

Also, follow the latest SEO techniques to increase the traffic to your website.

Hope you got it, how to submit URL to Bing webmaster tool. If you have any query, shoot it in the comment section below. I will try to resolve it as possible as early.

Happy Blogging!

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