Rupee vs dollar downfall, Being Indian are you aware about this crisis?

rupee vs dollar downfallFew years back  we were comparing and talking about rupee and mighty four; Rupee vs dollar downfall. Also we have a big question  will rupee join the league of mighty four? Stops Stops…What is mighty four? You may have that question so for your information, mighty four means Dollar , Yen, Pound and Renminbi. As we introduce new face to our rupee, thanks to Designer D. Udaya but did  thinking that big was good at that time. Among ourselves we have high pride as Indian but what we are doing is not up to our pride.

Talking about rupee vs dollar downfall numbers, rupee was around 45 in last decade. How it just went from 45 to 68 that is the measure issue here.  Depreciation in rupee starts after 2008 global economic crisis. In last two year rupee depreciates in 39 % of its original value and after 2013 April rupee depreciates by more than 20 % of its original value.

Consider we are exporting more goods than importing that mean we have more foreign currency inflows. Again What is  foreign currency inflows? Foreign currency inflows mean we  have more foreign  currency with us. That means we have surplus account but that is not the case with India. We have terms know as current account deficit which got affected by the difference in  import and export .Local sentiments about imported goods made our CAD(current account Deficit ) more widening and more concern about foreign  short term debt.

External Debt, Rupee vs dollar

About financial terminology I will right another article. Bur because of widening of this CAD and foreign debt it put stress on Rupee constraint. We have 390$ billion external debt but more concern in our 172.3 $billion short term debt  which is kindly 44.2 % of total external debt .Short term debt is a debt which we have to pay in 1 year or so. Our trade deficit and CAD also contributing in this fiasco of rupee  depreciation.The only promising thing we have right now is the forex reserve .we have around 300$ billion forex reserve. Which will be our balance of payment for next 6 month 4 days be precise. So we have to shorten   gap of CAD for very less. Another good thing is as our export has risen.But still RBI do not have answer to our Rupee’s downfall. Hope our new Governor For RBI will take action to curb Volatility of rupee.

Even social media steps up to tune rupee vs dollar downfall on their own way to lure the charms with Music.

rupee vs dollar downfall- Sun raha hai na tu, ro raha hoon mai

What do you think about this image,

Are they making mock or Showing reality ?   

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