Pros and Cons of One Plus 5T [Exclusive Review]

What are the pros and cons of ONE PLUS 5T?

We may not use the many things that we have in our lives but there is one thing that we can’t resist for sure. That is our mobile phones.

The use of smartphones has grown out to be so much by the end of 2017;  we could never have imagined it like this. Anything you need, you will find a solution for it on your phone. This necessity has led to invention too.

Every day new technology is coming up in the market and people are rushing to buy it.

Any new phone is launched; people have hyped it already and want to get a hold of it as soon as possible. Of all the great phones that have been launched recently, one great piece is the One plus 5t. In this post, we will check all the specification and all the pros and cons of ONE PLUS 5T.

Pros and Cons of ONE PLUS 5T

It is the absolute mobile phone for anyone who wants good performance and is totally better than many other phones in the market.

About ONE PLUS 5T Phone

One plus has never ceased to amaze its consumers; it always gives out the best of phones. They have done it again with the One plus 5T which is not just your any ordinary smartphone. It is totally in competition with any iPhone out there. This company has created a place for itself in the market where giants like Samsung work, which is why its phones already create a buzz before even being launched.

One plus 5t did it too because of its bigger screen and the amazing features which were being given at a very nominal price. What is new in this phone is that it has a bezel-less display, a bigger screen, and the performance is even better than the phones that came before it from the company.

Specification of the Phone

  • The phone is a total performer and network wise it can work with GSM, CDMA, HSPE, and LTE.
  • The screen is bigger than the phones that came before it, which is a 6.01-inch display and it’s not that heavy too, just 162g weight in your hands.
  • You will definitely like the aluminum frame body which hasn’t been changed much throughout the phones that the company has sold.
  • The Android version of the phone is 7.1.1 Nougat which shows that the phone has been built to perform like the best of all.
  • There is no memory card slot in the phone but you can buy it in two variations, 128 GB with 8 GB RAM and 64 GB with 6 GB RAM.
  • The most important part of the phone is its camera, you can take good selfies with it 16MP secondary camera and professional like pictures with the 16 MP + 20 MP Primary dual camera.
  • Another great feature of the phone is the fingerprint sensor that you are getting and the 3300 MAH battery which will last you for a long time.
  • The phone has gone through a lot of tests which show that the sound quality is also good along with a good battery life.

Price of the Phone

The phone is currently available in quite some variations.

  • You can get the midnight black bodied set with 64 GB internal space and 6 GB Ram for 32999/-
  • The other variation i.e. the 128 GB set with 8 GB RAM is available for 37999/-
  • The phone will be appealing to people who are ready to spend this much obviously.
  • There is another option that you can get in the pone which is the limited Star Wars edition. It is sandstone white in color with 128 GB space and 8 GB RAM and is available for 38999/- on Amazon.

Pros and Cons of ONE PLUS 5T

Pros of the Phone

There are a lot of things that make this phone a really good option to buy for those who are ready to spend the amount.

  • The bezel-less screen is definitely an add-on with the gorilla glass that has been used for the screen.
  • The company has focussed on the aperture on the camera and made it better so that more focus is on low light photography.
  • The dual camera just makes it even better.
  • The phone isn’t that costly too, anyone who wishes to make an investment in a good phone can definitely buy it.
  • Another thing that the techno-geeks will like is the face unlock feature of the phone which is definitely an advantage that you find in high-end devices only.

Cons of the Phone

The problem with this phone is that there hasn’t been much change from the phone launched before it i.e. the one plus 5. A little change in the features and you get the new one plus 5T. Some consumers might get a little upset about this.

Expert Critics Review

  • Gadgets now have given this phone a 4-star rating which has been given by the critics and the user rating is 4.9/5. They say that the company is definitely working towards good products and anyone who wishes to spend the amount can go for the new phone but again they are skeptical about some of its features.
  • The phone was also reviewed by and they say that the bigger screen is good for taking pictures and a few features are good in small ways. It is an affordable phone despite the minor changes from the previous version. And they pull it off so well along with the rest of the features still working well too.

Accessories for the Phone

When we buy a phone, we don’t just buy the phone. We definitely need some accessories for it.

If we have bought something pricey why not show it off as well by adding some good accessories.

You can add a tempered glass set along with the phone which will protect the screen very well. We all know how slippery these small things are so definitely a screen guard. Along with that, a good cover is also mandatory. You can buy a protective cover or any other cover with various materials like leather; suede and plastic etc. Buy all of these along with the phone from Amazon very easily.

If you are a fitness freak, you can check fitness accessories to stay healthy.

If you are still confused about what to choose from accessories, here is a guide to pick best accessories for your smartphone.

How to Order Phone?

The steps to order this phone are very easy:

  • Go to the Amazon website.
  • Search for this particular phone
  • You will find three options on the phone.
  • Select the one you want depending on your choice.
  • Once you have selected it, add any accessories if you want to your cart.
  • Enter the coupon code if there is any Amazon offer on mobile.
  • Proceed with payment.
  • Add your address.
  • You might find that Cash on delivery isn’t available.
  • You can use many other offers too available on online payment.
  • Finalise payment.
  • Soon the phone will be delivered to you.

Why Should You Order this Phone?

Looking at the configuration of this phone, you can install many of the Android Apps without any hassle. Check out some of the Apps you may like…

One plus is one such company that has made its place in a field where the rest of the players are more than experienced. It has made this place because of the quality of mobile phones it brings to the market.

I have mentioned all the pros and cons of ONE PLUS 5T. Like every other phone One plus 5T is also one of their best as it is built to perform good and look good in your hands. Buy it now so that you are up to date with every technology that the market has.

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